Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Is User Misunderstanding a computer term?

So the TSW mystery was kindly explained by the adept AnoeskaB over at TSR. It appears there is a little (read massive) difference between an import and a clone. [insert japanese girl giggle] Suffice it to say that until I understand exactly how these things work, there is very little point in creating something from scratch - but that said, one persons experience has allowed me to move a bit forward in the creation process. So, although I said thanks probably one too many times:
Thanks AnoeskaB : )

I was a little disappointed that I was mildly scolded for learning from others creations with potential of posting these copies on the web without permission after appropriating someone eles's hard work. I suppose it was fair to call me out given that, what, 74% of the stuff at TSR is ripped off from others? Just an observation. It would only be natural to assume that I would be unscrupulous, like the rest majority so much of the sims community. No, I will not be uploading these personal learning experiences for mass downloading. Shakespearean aside time: I would like to know why TSW does not have the ability to clone store items? I mean - they are official right? Feh! I had to import one of them - it was just too tempting. Let me burn some incense to appease the programming gods. It was, after all, for the visual betterment of my poor sims home.

All this said, there is hope on the horizon for uploading some cloned items and some random hard to discern the original creator canvas' (credit, even in my first revamp, has always been given when the creator is known). Still working out some tiny issues - methinks possible mistakes in some of the original files - some things always look blurry no matter how clean the original image is going onto the mesh so there is some sort of size problem somewhere in the files.

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