Sunday, November 07, 2010

In continuation . . . .

This has been the albatross for me - my flour cabinet. In trying to understand how to make better meshes at the lowest number of polys, I have been slowly creating items I see daily in my own home. This kitchen set was inspired by Exotic Elements as Heidi has created (and is about to release) another gorgeous kitchen set. We toyed with the idea that we'd do another joint release but I have been taking forever on this damned cabinet.  Each item in my kitchen themed set has challenged me. The ceramic items previously shown have each posed a problem from scale to a seam visible at a great distance. The flour cabinet is less a problem (save the slots trouble) than it a logistics sort of thing. I am pleased with the results so far but I am trying to get the slot information down now. A drag.

It is seeming like there may be more than just a few problems with the latest upgrade to Sims 3 - windows, door, and arches have posed some curious problems, but both Heidi and I have noticed items are disappearing from saved games. Hard to say what might be causing that and finding information on the boards and forums is a chore at best between the newbie know it alls and the venomous experts who really are shut ins and have no social graces. Fun shit that.

Anyway - take a look see at the flour cabinet. I must have blessed a snake somewhere to have finished meshing it.

In completely different news, Chris has started his round of chemo. I expect his hair will start clogging my drains within two weeks :) Please send your good vibes his way.