Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The continuing saga

It will probably be a while before I release it simply because I am not happy with a few aspects of it - including the UV mapping. What the primary function of the UV mapper is that you export your 3d model to it, then it takes each shape and makes all sides flat and viewable. Simple enough - with this information you can program the direction of a pattern, et cetera. The problem I am having is that you need to export to a specific size - a size the program apparently cannot display to you. You can reshape the window to be an approximate size, but really, I can find no documentation that says you can tell the window to be a specific shape.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Never under-estimate the power of the triple dog dare:

Although brief, I wanted to update that although it is no where near as nice as ATS3's wall chart, I have created a mesh that looks like a wall chart - now I just need to figure out why it's not working so well with the patterns.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

a Eureka moment

I am starting to understand how to alter meshes a little bit more - a very good thing. I have finally created my first mesh and this is laughable because all it is, is a rug.A four sided plane on which an overlay sits. I know - mildly pathetic that I should be so happy, but it is a huge step for me - I am starting to understand (we're talking half a baby step) just a little bit more about how milkshape works.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I am getting motion sickness with the steps backwards and forwards.

Still struggling away with Milkshape - in trying to pull together a new set, I attempted to reshape an existing EA frame to be narrow but tall. What I ended up with were two wide sticks at the top and bottom and two narrow sticks at the side (stick in framers lingo would be the frame sides, but you knew that). Not my expected results and I am forced to pass on one portion of the set for the moment as I don't like the alternative frame that would actually work for size but not for look (the Noir frame) but I am too stupid currently to figure out a solution.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Itty bitty step forward

I decided that if I could not create a rug in Milkshape, as my first project, then perhaps I could alter a picture. Take something existing and make it larger. I was happy to see that everything I was doing was working - of course, I was only eye-balling it as I still cannot tell how to take a measurement or to resize in scale. I imported back into TSW and everything worked.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A new found respect:

Milkshape isn't shaping up to be something that I entirely understand . . . what's that expression - Rome wasn't built in a day? Well thank god they didn't have Milkshape to create it - it's mind boggling. In fairness, the program is very straight forward - the flaw lies within me - I simply do not understand this sort of program . . . but it has only been a day - well a day and a half . . . and $35. Pffft.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Creation . . . celebration?

It should be mentioned that I am a self confessed heat wimp. Come winter, I will remind you that I am a cold wimp, too. Should I ever be graced with hair again, it will be long curly gold tresses with ribbons and I will have an insatiable appetite for porridge. It's true. I am fickle when it comes to temperature. I am wearing shorts to work (when it's not another blessed furlough day [ahem, today {hello! Mortgage!}]) and a hoodie because I get overheated with jeans, but cold because of a tee shirt. You feel sorry for me, I know - so sad. I mention any of this because I was reminded that I have yet to update on my garden. In fact, I will be tending this very garden myself all next week . . . alone . . . in the heat of Atlanta . . . shoot me now.