Thursday, December 30, 2010

Not Mister Rogers Trolley

A number of years ago I saw one of these in use at a shop pushing product. I thought it would make a cool coffee table. Since that day, I have seen some of these converted into furniture and after talking about wanting to make one for Sims 3 (where I couldn't have one of my own) I saw one posted in a TS2 screen capture. So - while I am now realizing it's not the most original idea, I still wanted to try my hand at it.  I found a few images of some different styles and settled on this style. While I am needing to add some details to it, I did want to share the progress.

You can probably see that corner brace looks a little shiny. That is one of the problems I have been having lately with TSRW. I am trying to suss out a solution and the folks at TSR are not terribly helpful with obscure questions.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


In attempting different lights, I wanted to try something like and Edison bulb. You know the ones I am talking about - very old fashioned - the glowing dim filament - very cool and a cool shape. I kept thinking I was doing something wrong because the filament kept showing up on its black background, but I did not delete the saved one from the game - it kept showing the old texture. Duh.

Check it out!
After the bottle light, I wanted to try something like a canning jar. I am still debating it.
With this new type of approaching a bulb, each of these lights could be moved to the next level and all of them could have clear bulbs with glowing filaments. I don't know how glass on glass will look, but you can see the shine on the bulb in the glass jar - it's simply an applied sheen to the specular level.  Are these details even noticed in game?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Salvaged while sick

Have a terrible cold - just in time for my ten day vacation from work. Forced vacation - we are made to save days as they close shop for a week between xmas and new years. So thank god I saved this cold for my time off. Meh.

I am really excited about a couple of new aspects to the architectural elements/recycle-salvage set. Although it's not necessarily either, I have made an accordion/scissor lamp as well as a bottle pendant. I am fine tuning the lighting effects, but they both turned out better than I could have imagined. I'll post some pictures just before I take some more medication and try to get some sleep.

Oh - what did I get for xmas besides a cold? Fucking snow. New England finally found me and it's giving me the cold shoulder for leaving. Atlanta and snow seems a tad oxymoronic.

The door table where you can finally see the reflection of the glass
Bottle lamp in a kitchen space
Bottle lamp detail
Scissor lamp in a office nook
Glass bulb in scissor lamp
Detail of the head
Detail of the wall bracket.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Follow Up on the Table.

Utterly flummoxed by this table. Sims simply will not eat at it and you cannot place something functional - like a laptop - onto the table. I am holding out for a TSRW solution as I really like to be able to release a sim3pack too, however, I am at the point where I am calling my computer names - vulgar and ugly names - and I fear feelings might start to get hurt. Everyone at MTS has been very kind to offer information on S3PE, but I am (stupidly) holding out for someone to say "Oh! That's this here." and viola, the problem will be solved.

Worse come to worse, I will simply redesign the table to be longer (I suspect it looks too squat anyway for a door, but it IS just a game) or I will simply ditch TSRW for this project and approach the project via S3PE - that community certainly seems entirely more helpful anyway. Techies - got to love them all. Mwah! (that was an air kiss - you can duck as necessary).

Stay tuned for the continuing saga. I have my question posted at MTS here.

UPDATE 5:29 pm - OrangeMittens and HugeLunatic at MTS have solved the problem of the table and have allowed me to edit the file in a different way. Every single step of this has been a learning experience. For the techies, the RSLT, FTPT, and RIG files needed to be exchanged for ones coming from an EA 2x1 table. Peter at SimLogical had posted this afternoon (!!) a new test version that allowed me to import the RIG file whereas the one I used this morning was not designed to allow for that. Brilliant!! 

Check out this sim and his lovely date, the laptop, enjoying dinner together.

UPDATE 12/25 9:15am - After examining the files and attempting this whole thing again to see what the matter was, I feel that this was exclusively the RIG. When cloning and manually changing the information or importing the RSLT and FTPT and then renaming the slot/bone hash as per Murano's tutorial, the same effect was achieved - a table that no sim would use in the manner it should be. Where I am not a techie, I don't understand enough about the RIG file and would be interested to know if TSRW normally alters this information or if this was crucial to making the table work and should be done in all cases. Suffice it to say, this will be the method used in the future. Make sure, if you are creating a table to consider this method for simply the ease of it. 

Monday, December 13, 2010

Architectural Elements or What We Salvaged From the Yard.

Pulling together a new set with Heidi at Exotic Elements. This set was inspired by an unreleased finial that Heidi designed for one of the sets. I was under the impression that it was released as I had tested it and loved it, but her displeasure with the way it patterned made it sit on the shelf, so to speak. It got me thinking about things that we use for one thing - a finial for decor - and what it was meant to be used as - a decorative finish to a post. It's not such a leap to take a thing of beauty and make it 'art' but what about the utilitarian things we take for granted every day? A window, a door, a bathtub. Sometimes we take things that are meant to be one thing and turn it into something completely different. A brass headboard turned into a bench, a bathtub turned into a flower garden - that sort of thing. Being from New England, I am used to older homes with interesting details. Atlanta is littered with brick ranches. I own a brick ranch. The bungalows of midtown were just beyond my price range and that's not so bad, but the things that I was drawn to and worked well in an older home sometimes don't translate as well in a clean line mid century home (and by mid century, please do not mistake that for 'atomic').

For years I have loved going to salvage yards and grungy old antique shops. Finding unique things with a heavy layer of dust is my idea of a good time. Seriously. If this house I own were just a little more old or worn, I think it would be card blanche to rip out the (stunning) hollow core doors and put in mismatched doors - odd things with textured glass you'd expect to find in an old office building with gold and black lettering on it or interesting paneled doors; tear a wall down and expose the brick from the inside. We build these dream houses for our games - it would be nice to have that in real life too. All that takes money though. A nice door at a salvage yard could cost a couple weeks pay - or it could be a $5 score. Still - it's certainly easier and cheaper to make one for the  game. Someday - I will have an old and unconventional home, but today, I will have one in my game.

This is the third item in the set - it's a door screen. I like the idea of open spaces, but sometimes you need to define a space with something. Rugs, paint, a piece of furniture . . . or something unique. This has a few glass knobs (why are there none of these in the game so far??) and all glass panels so it divides a space, but doesn't close the space off.

The fourth item is also door related - a table. These things are damned tricky. SO much coding and I still don't know if I have it correct. I have friends testing it now for the way people eat at it and move around it.

Completely off the topic, I have tried to make something from the dots up so to speak. I followed a tutorial for making things from vertexes and faces. It has been a dream of mine to create items from my own home and this is indeed something from my home, but also something I have made. You might remember that I sew and that I have created cats and dogs and tried to sell them on Etsy. Well, I finally made one for the game too. It will probably end up as a xmas release - everyone seems to be doing advent calendars, but I don't celebrate any holidays (or my birthday) so it is sometimes strange to do holiday releases. The tarot set was just a fun project and I do like fortune tellers and exploring the unknown, but xmas is especially hard for me to get through. Anyway - someday I will sew more animals for Etsy, but until then, I guess the virtual ones will have to do.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

In continuation . . . .

This has been the albatross for me - my flour cabinet. In trying to understand how to make better meshes at the lowest number of polys, I have been slowly creating items I see daily in my own home. This kitchen set was inspired by Exotic Elements as Heidi has created (and is about to release) another gorgeous kitchen set. We toyed with the idea that we'd do another joint release but I have been taking forever on this damned cabinet.  Each item in my kitchen themed set has challenged me. The ceramic items previously shown have each posed a problem from scale to a seam visible at a great distance. The flour cabinet is less a problem (save the slots trouble) than it a logistics sort of thing. I am pleased with the results so far but I am trying to get the slot information down now. A drag.

It is seeming like there may be more than just a few problems with the latest upgrade to Sims 3 - windows, door, and arches have posed some curious problems, but both Heidi and I have noticed items are disappearing from saved games. Hard to say what might be causing that and finding information on the boards and forums is a chore at best between the newbie know it alls and the venomous experts who really are shut ins and have no social graces. Fun shit that.

Anyway - take a look see at the flour cabinet. I must have blessed a snake somewhere to have finished meshing it.

In completely different news, Chris has started his round of chemo. I expect his hair will start clogging my drains within two weeks :) Please send your good vibes his way.

Monday, October 18, 2010

More AHWb5

Über quick post. A little update on a new project which compliments an upcoming Exotic Elements set as well as my own At Home With b5.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

More from 'At Home w/b5'

Creating in 3D, I am still inspired by my own things - it certainly makes it easier to study and compare for accuracy. The problem is that most of what I want to create also has high poly counts. What that means is that those who's computers are already taxed by the game would have a relatively hard time also placing items with high poly counts. There is this 'rule' uttered on different sites that says you really should keep the poly counts below 1200 per tile - it's a general rule of thumb, for something that is used a considerable amount like say a dining chair, you'd hope for lower numbers. Decorative items used just once can go higher but still - it is advised to keep the numbers low.

So how does one get lower poly counts and still retain the detail they want/need to create an item accurately? Have yet to see a decent tutorial on the subject. There is something in Milkshape that helps lower polycounts via DirectX but it's a gamble how it will turn out. It might alter the overall look in a very bad way (well, might is being kind - it absolutely kills it).

So here it is - the dress form from my dining room. It is built around the game version, but adds the cap/finial and cage/base. This is what 4000 plus poly count looks like. The left side (which I think has about 45000 poly count)  is just after I painted the dining room portion of the "L" that makes my dining/living room - you can see the blue tape that doesn't work at the bottom - sorry for an older picture - I haven't cracked the camera out since the tree fiasco. 

This will be a future release, but only after I can cull together a few more items into a AHWb5 set. Warning labels will be posted - this is not going to be altered for the computer challenged. I have a few ideas for other items in the set but still working out the details.

Other news - I am flummoxed by the pillows I have created - every sofa I try them on (barring the one I imported to get the proper height) they sit too high. These are all EA sofas - what gives? I will have to notice whether or not the sims float above the cushions in game. I am going to have to find a happy medium.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I will be typecast as a rug merchant, but someone had to make these things. It should be me. Why not - I love the damned things . . . . I covet them. I yearn for their scratchy goodness.

The Kilim.

Not just for floors, sacks, or salt bags - they are pillows and ottomans too. Photo courtesy of the lovely lady behind Exotic Elements; she has styled a beautiful room which included the Kilim accessories . . . a future release with the added bonus that they have a 13th style which is completely customizable by the user (that's you if you choose to download it). Sake set and hanging lamp are from her latest beautiful set - a Japanese inspired bedroom. She inspired me to make the Japanese Woodcut paintings with customizable double mat.

Wow - it's just like Transformers . . . well, not really. These aren't annoying.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Must be talking to an angel

It is not often in life someone comes along unprovoked, and says: You look like you could use a helping hand.

Through all of the hoopla I seem to find myself amongst at the moment, Heidi, at Exotic Elements, has graciously offered her assistance on the next, and possibly the most important, step of object creation: shadow baking. We're not talking about just a little guidance. We're talking a 50+ page fully illustrated tutorial written especially for me; step by step on how to take an object (in this case the CB2 Sofa) from Milkshape, organize it properly in UVMapper and finally taking it to Blender to bake some shadows. Turns out a lightbulb isn't necessary at all as easy has nothing to do with it. It's a complex multistage process that I would never have been able to figure out on my own. The goal is not to overlap and condense to save space, but to lay every piece out, in scale, so it can be properly shadowed. How to build a better jigsaw puzzle in 90 easy steps. Further, she attentively answered each email I wrote in a panic when something (in many cases, unrelated to the tutorial) went wrong or confused the bejeezus out of me. Fie on your Python . . . fie . . . on . . . you.

Easy Bake Sofa
I'll slowly redesign all of my furniture - the ones I designed from scratch - to be properly baked. In the meantime, you should haul ass to Exotic Elements for her fine creations. If you like my rugs, you'll find the furnishings and accessories fit to sit atop them. It's hand in glove.

CB2 opened here in Atlanta. Where was I? Having a panic attack while my life fell apart around me. Still looking for a roommate - I am quiet and housebroken - the only difference between me and a cat is my mortgage. Won't be buying that whatever for however much anytime soon because I am saving money. Such vulgar words. Not bitter.

I am pulling together another rug set while I fiddle in the background on a new project - it's a small one and I don't want to say what it is as I could fall onto my face - it could happen - I mean, a tree fell in my yard starting an ugly domino effect of misery.

Okay - just a lil bitter.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Moving on . . . on many levels.

Going back to rugs for the next release - series two of the large Antique rugs. I need to work longer with UVMapper to explore how to properly shade the multipliers. Although most were kind in their comments on the past two releases, the download numbers are relatively low for the first week. I have toyed with the idea of releasing some items on TSR but there seems to be two schools in the community - those who like TSR and think every piece of crap item released is worthy of downloading no matter how stupid and thoughtless what consideration went into its creation. Then there are those who feel pay sites must die and anything related to them is evil. Does it really come down to being cult status or a sellout? Truth be told I am grey on this matter. I think some things are amazing at TSR, much like the entire internet - you have to start somewhere and not every thing one makes can be a massive hit. It's just that every piece of furniture I have put seems to be only of mild interest. Site X however with their hello kittie everything set seems to be the real hit. Ahem. That's . . . um, nice.

Looking for a roommate should anyone be moving to Atlanta or know someone in Atlanta or for some reason if you are in Atlanta and you actually are reading this . . . seems the tree killed more than my garden.

Oh - if you'd like to test something mentioned on this site before it is released to the public I am looking for testers. The bed fiasco was just an embarrassment. I test stuff as much as I can in my own game before it is released, but sometimes games act differently. Needless to say you would be getting the BETA version if not the final. Certainly, you'd be getting it earlier than the other three people that are downloading stuff at b5Studio. Let me know. I am probably moving my release day to Wednesday. Gives me the weekend to pull together what I need and a few days to rest before it goes live. The one Wednesday release I did was quite popular - I think people are out on the weekends and tend to not see the new stuff on MS3B.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Current projects

VeronaRelapse had suggested getting UVMapper pro - I had considered it a great deal, but passed when the tree fell. The suggestion however made me really really want to try to improve the texture on the pole lamp, so I threw caution to the wind, pushed those furlough days out of my mind and purchased the pro version. What a difference. At first I thought I would cry as it was considerably more difficult to get used to but it was only a matter of time before it started to make sense. There is an interactive mapper that you can twirl and twist your shapes to nearly any configuration which is a great assistance for things like the cone to the lamp.

With all the ease of mapping (don't let that statement fool you - it's crazy hard and I won't even get into shading the multipliers properly probably for a long time) I decided to work on some CB2 items that I have been drooling over in their catalogue. Given the limitations on game item sizes, they had to be in scale with what is already in the game as I am absolutely clueless as to how to alter things like the diameter of a diner table and have it actually work (I have a table from NANU that is a 60s mod Pantone style table with the laurel base that my sims refuse to eat at - it is a larger circle and I can only imagine that it's the size and not their lacking taste).

Below are a few CB2 items (need to test in game) and a chair I have wanted to translate for the game for a year now - it's a chair I own and I adore and finally I can have it in the game. Hoo-fucking-rah.

My all time favorite chair (a total score)
The real chair (can you see the kilim in the background? I really collect them).

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Object manipulation

Redesigned the pole lamp again. I was disappointed with the cone portion in that I could not get the interior of the cone to be a different color and also the pole itself was a bit of a guess where the ends met the middle portion so I cut it apart to make it easier for recoloring.
I still have one aspect that I want to tinker with - it's just a bit of a drag the way that the pattern stretches in one area. This is still the best way I have found to make a cone in UVMapper however it blurs in one area on the cone and that is where in UVMapper it is depicted as turning away from view. I don't know how to make that better, but I want to give it a shot regardless.
The coffee table I think turned out well - looks pretty much identical to the real thing. One thing I still need to tinker with is the way the pattern repeats on the surface. Other than that, I am very pleased.

{edit} That pattern for the while is going to have to remain blurred in the one spot. UVMapper allows you to tweak the faces a couple of different way but you cannot zoom in with the free version so it is nearly impossible to grab an area to stretch it out to allow for more area to be covered - ergo, the pattern appears blurred in those areas that are condensed in the 'turn' of the surface. RATs.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Tree of life? Giving Tree? The tree that taketh away?

I had hoped to post a photo gallery of the tree and all the fun we had in its removal, but honestly, I have been struggling a bit with keeping my spirits up. This could have been worse, but it was still bad enough and I am left to argue with the insurance company over what is exactly being covered and to what degree. 

The roof they are saying is minimal damage but the company they sent to repair it is saying they need to do a great deal more to fix it and now they are arguing the matter. The gutters are considerably more than the insurance company allotted, the fence is longer, the shed is more and the driveway sank - yup. The tree being stored in the driveway caused the driveway to sink where it meets the street. They say that is the tree company's fault comparing it to if a plumber damaged moulding in the house while they were there to make a repair, they would be responsible for the damage. I say this is more like the insurance company saying the wall the plumber broke into to get at the pipe that burst is responsible for breaking the wall. No matter where the 120 foot tree was placed in however many small pieces, it was bound to do some damage. 

Did I mention it was $15,000 to remove the tree? Cough.

I have been working on a few things from my own home regarding the sims. The coffee table and pole lamp are being tested now. I had to remake the pole lamp multiple times as it was eluding me how to make the patterns appear on the inside of the cone shade. Thankfully, Riccinumbers at TSR was kind enough to offer some guidance in how to work with Milkshape. I didn't know I would need to burn the program with a cigarette and call it a dirty whore, but clearly, it worked. Actually, (warning: tech speak) the simple trick was duplicating the cone, scaling it down 1% and then reversing the order of the vertexes. I was surprised how easy it was. I think the key thing she said was the amount of segments in the cylinder. It caused me to think about the poly count and approach the whole design a bit more low-fi. Anyway - it is looking good in the game - I need to play with the patterns a little bit longer - hopefully by next weekend I will be releasing a "living with b5studio" set. 
Yup, that's my living room/dining room as good as I can get it with the stuff currently available for sims. What better inspiration than ones own home? Yes, I am aware the living room photo (real life) has no pole lamp - I need a more updated photo. Can I blame this on the tree falling? No? Pfft.

I also have a new rug set completed. Another special edition. Have I mentioned what constitutes a special edition? It's a real life rug set that I am halfway convinced the source of said rugs will come knocking at my door and demand that I remove their rugs from my blog. This new set would be one of those special editions . . . it's to celebrate a store coming to Atlanta. One that I have only shopped at via the internet. Clearly, the shopping gods are favoring me. I will probably need to sacrifice something . . . perhaps my garden will count. Not bitter.

I might do an art series from my own home . . . 
still weighing that . . . .

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Make that "Last Bounty"

Well, we didn't witness it, but we certainly heard it. Being that the house is brick we didn't even really feel it per se. A tree fell across our entire back yard. Hasn't rained, no rot that we could see; we've even made peace with the squirrels to a degree so we can't even blame them (though I still might give them the hairy eyeball).

Here I am communing with nature . . . .

4:45 am we are awakened to the sound of a snap crackle and thud. Chris asks me if I heard that and I say 'a tree just fell down' and he says "Yeah, but did you hear that?" There is something to be said for slumber logic.

I call the insurance company and they are really not that helpful. If it isn't inside the house they really can't do much about it. I had better be in good hands Allstate.

They have filed a claim and I am waiting to call them to find out my next step and exactly what is covered as I have heard so many nightmare stories about acts of god (what if you don't believe in the same god?) and lack of coverage. When I got insurance on the house I wanted to make sure it was a good policy. My idea of good and what they sold me may not match up and I am just waiting to find that out now. What if the deductible is ridiculously high? With the many furlough days, I may as well say I had a 10 - 20% pay cut depending on what week we're talking about. That's already on a obscenely low wage for a skilled position. RAR!

Tree making friends with ground
Chris, in the chaos, found the time to garden.

What kills me most is all the work we did on the back yard that is now in shambles. I can repair the house, I cannot bring back the 20 tomato plants, the stars and moon watermelon plant (we had 2 growing), the sad little carrots, the squash or the jalapeno pepper plant. Double RAR!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

To CASt or not to CASt

Well, if you've downloaded one of the rugs I have uploaded at b5studio, then you have probably encountered the problem of switching between the (usually) 12 styles easily. They don't have a pattern and on some systems that can be a major problem - the game freaks out and a big orange arrow points at the different styles and announces that you can't change the pattern. Wah wah!

It has been a source of frustration and I don't really know how to fix it other than to add a pattern. So, I am asking some of you to download a new test rug - it's ugly as sin - has 5 styles (contemporary - ever wonder why I only had seven in the original? - me too!) at a whopping 5 simoleons. When you see it you'll understand why. I probably will never release any of these (well, I do sort of like that blue/green one) in a set, so keep it if you want - it's just a test file to me.

The dig is, I need feedback - I don't know if this helps YOUR game. Thing is - in my game I can still switch patterns between the rugs even with the big orange arrow and the ominous message. Once the patterns have loaded (usually loads Fabrics) I am still able to switch between the different style rugs. This is not how I normally choose the style I want - I usually do that in buy mode and yes, it takes a bloody long time.

If this helps your game, then I will go back and re-edit every single rug file I have uploaded to allow you to RE-download the CASt-able file. It won't change the look of anything - it will just have a white pattern (Miscellaneous patterns) under the image of the rug - won't affect the look at all.

Please - your feedback is necessary so please post a comment here if it works better for you.

Download the file HERE

Monday, July 05, 2010

First bounty

Will you look at that?
(technically it's the second bounty
if you count the peas)

Friday, July 02, 2010

Could it be?

Hopefully, this weekend I will be able to pull together the biological chart set that I have been planning now for a while. I am pleased with the mesh - especially being that it is a first mesh for me - one from scratch. As disappointed as I was that I was unable to use the mesh I found at ATS3, it forced me to actually take a bolder step in Milkshape, and while I still think their product is superior,I like mine a little more due to the vintage feel of it. A cylinder, a few boxes, and borrowing (but still changing) from objects on sites that mention free use for the handle and hanging mechanism (no, I haven't figured out how to make curves, well nice ones anyway) and presto - it's a wall chart.

The things that were bothering me originally I was able to mend this afternoon. I had attempted to make from scratch a hanger and sadly, none of the tutorials talk about how to make something entirely from scratch. I was able to figure out the preset shapes and how to alter them easily enough - it was using the vertex and face buttons that, although I have a pretty good idea of how to make a shape, I had no idea as to how to render it into one of the 'materials'. I have a long way to go, but I guess three times a charm for this project. The caps were as I suspected - a one ended cylinder, but when the mesh went through UV Mapper, it for some reason made a lot more sense - the shapes were a little clearer and I am not entirely sure why. I suspect I will get the pro version, just because it seems easier, sometime down the road. Being able to clearly see the shape allows me to apply an image to the cap of a distressed metal and have it look a little better.

Not that anyone is going to be dying for this mesh, but really, if someone does want it - they can use it for whatever - I just want some sort of little credit/link or something.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It will probably be a while before I release it simply because I am not happy with a few aspects of it - including the UV mapping. What the primary function of the UV mapper is that you export your 3d model to it, then it takes each shape and makes all sides flat and viewable. Simple enough - with this information you can program the direction of a pattern, et cetera. The problem I am having is that you need to export to a specific size - a size the program apparently cannot display to you. You can reshape the window to be an approximate size, but really, I can find no documentation that says you can tell the window to be a specific shape. That's kind of hard when you are exporting to a very specific size and trying to place items into that specifically shaped window.

So when I look at this, I see the blur that could be rectified if I had some sort of idea of what the size of the shape the image sits on needs to be. Of course, looking at a few previous entries, I feel like this is celebrating my stoopid moments - for instance, the black on the chart that should have been patterns? The alpha channel - it occurred to me in the shower . . . I am waiting for the moment when all the data forms the complete thought, but something about these programs (I blame Z [depth]) leaves me scratching my head. Another fine for instance would be the mantle painting and scaling - laughable.

So, in looking at my inspiration piece, I am happy with the appearance, but it is lacking two more things - a hanging mechanism which - let's face it, it's for a game - I don't think that people are thinking about that sort of thing but it feels incomplete to me. The other missing element would be the caps on the top roller bar. I think I know a way to do it but I need to play with it for a while longer.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Never under-estimate the power of the triple dog dare:

Although brief, I wanted to update that although it is no where near as nice as ATS3's wall chart, I have created a mesh that looks like a wall chart - now I just need to figure out why it's not working so well with the patterns.

See all those black areas? That's supposed to be three different patterns - the handle, the weighted base of the map and the roller at the top/back of map. I could just make them patterns in the overlay I suppose, but the fun is that you can change them. Well, fun in a relative way - not the wow-o-wow kind of way. That would just be stupid.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

a Eureka moment

I am starting to understand how to alter meshes a little bit more - a very good thing. I have finally created my first mesh and this is laughable because all it is, is a rug.
A four sided plane on which an overlay sits. I know - mildly pathetic that I should be so happy, but it is a huge step for me - I am starting to understand (we're talking half a baby step) just a little bit more about how milkshape works. I have been able to alter existing meshes (paintings) for more what I need them to do - I still need to understand the UV mapper as one simply cannot adjust the shapes in UV mapper and have it work well on the mesh - that's a whole different issue and the reason there is not series 4 for the Paint By Numbers series.

While this is a big step forward, it still is many miles before I can create something from scratch that is a dynamic shape. I had found on Around the Sims 3 a beautiful school map - one of those pull down charts that you may remember from Elementary school or University if you went to an older one . . . anyway - I was very excited that I would be able to alter the mesh and hopefully get permission to release the file (with big credits of course) but tonight (after emailing last night) I noticed in very tiny letters by the copyright that she asks that people do not alter or use her meshes. Well crap. Doubt she'll write me back given the question was answered albeit in small letters. Now I am left to either learn to mesh for a future project OR find a sim2 mesh that I can translate to sim3 which I am sure is no easy task either. What I am hoping to do is something like what is pictured right.

So if you happen to know of such a mesh, please, take pity on me and let me know : )

Step forward, step backwards. Cha cha cha.