Monday, January 23, 2012

News and new

Been a while since I have had the urge to create. I credit my new found desire (read: kick in the pants)  to an article that Sandy at ATS3 scanned for (and translated too! Muy gracias mucho! [did I mention I can't speak another language??]) me from a French Magazine that named my site as Site of the Month. Humbling honestly, as I have this sort of fear that while I hear good things about my creations, it's the amazing lack of downloads that keeps my paranoia that 'none of it is good enough' or 'everyone is just being nice' active.

Bau's creations, born artist
Layed out as a blog, B5Studio is one of the good URLs of the Web. Its content is diversified, from rugs to lightings, paintings. If it's one of the reference sites, it's because of its realism and diversity of creations that visitors can download. From the smallest decorative item to the massive pieces of furniture, Bau, the blog administrator, does his best to create a content that is and useful and original. You find your Sims' living-room a bit empty? Download the rug "Back to basics", then choose one of the many available textures, and your room will be as new. You're looking for accessories for a photograph studio? Choose then the set Mementoes and become the most famous photographer of the town. B5Studio offers as well many industrial items, that will fit anyone who wants to decorate an artist workshop or mad scientist... To visit without waiting!"

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Gorvernment on Drugs

If you think this doesn't affect you? You are completely wrong. Not an American? Visit: American Censorship dot Org . . . you can still be heard.