Sunday, September 12, 2010


I will be typecast as a rug merchant, but someone had to make these things. It should be me. Why not - I love the damned things . . . . I covet them. I yearn for their scratchy goodness.

The Kilim.

Not just for floors, sacks, or salt bags - they are pillows and ottomans too. Photo courtesy of the lovely lady behind Exotic Elements; she has styled a beautiful room which included the Kilim accessories . . . a future release with the added bonus that they have a 13th style which is completely customizable by the user (that's you if you choose to download it). Sake set and hanging lamp are from her latest beautiful set - a Japanese inspired bedroom. She inspired me to make the Japanese Woodcut paintings with customizable double mat.

Wow - it's just like Transformers . . . well, not really. These aren't annoying.

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