Sunday, April 24, 2011

Quickie time . . .

I took a bit of a break from anything sims and I visited my home town in Massachusetts - it's a little coastal town and quite beautiful (something I did not appreciate as a child). Seeing my parents and my sister, seeing my friends (albeit briefly) was absolutely rejuvenating. When I returned home I was left feeling like it was a bit of a dream.

Before leaving, I received a nice little gadget - the iPod Touch. I am not much for digital music or gadgets, but this thing has been rather addictive. It allowed me to take a few photos and listen to music/play games on the plane ride. Here are a few photos at the beach and on the plane and at Logan Airport. (A tiny critique of the thing - every blessed time I open iTunes or plug in the iPod, there is some sort of foolish update that takes forever to install. Boo.)

I have also been working busily on finishing my ephemera set - it is three sets - one is two half sets on the same mesh, but all one theme. So there are now Patterns (which was shown in the previous post), Insects, and Botanicals. (Upon finishing the second set, I noticed there is now a creator called Ephemera, so I hope there is no confusion.)

Take a look see:
All of these are smaller prints too - so this should be a good variety - at least from me - for sizes of art for your sims walls. Lucky them, eh?

Oh - and how about some soon to be ubiquitous photos of Laika and Katie?

There you have it. Laika seems to have ushered in a new era. The weather is nice and life seems good.

Hope to have the pictures uploaded sometime this week. Keep an eye peeled on the b5Studio site.

Oh - the photos . . . I love the beach photos so much that I may even make a set for the sims with them. This is a little app on the iPod Touch called Hipstamatic. I adore it. To the naysayers, yes, I could get a multitude of toy cameras and take the photos with them but between lighting and the cost of film and development, my $1.99 app is just fine. I'm not going to fight about it.

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  1. Some GREAT pictures! Just downloaded your last set of paintings. I absolutely LOVE your stuff!