Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sleeps with the fishes

I haven't had much time lately to create - it's a bummer and I hope that resolves itself soon, but I have been slowly finishing a set that has been probably eight months in the making. Sad, I know. I photographed these art deco fish prints at work ages ago and I had a simple frame that felt unfinished. I finally baked up a scale pattern (yes, it was created in 3D to get the best look, then applied in photoshop) and applied it to the frame and added a leaf/seaweed ornament in the corner. Voila (or as I jokingly say vi-o-la).

 Two of the eight art deco fish prints
 Two of the four biology book plates
A quick and cheesy room to see how they look. My god I have very little nautical stuff in my game. You can just see the new runners I have been pulling together too . . . .

Not the most exciting set, but a set none the less. There are eight deco fish prints and then to round the set off I added four natural studies plates of fish. These remind me heavily of the 50s even though the prints are actually from the 20s - that deco resurgence that popped up in 50s design.

We were pleased to see the garden came back after being destroyed last year with the tree falling. Chris was more enthusiastic than I was about cleaning up and starting over but really, the gardens that were in the ground needed very little assistance - just some clover removal. He amended the soil in the raised beds and he's planted jalapeno, tomato, dill, purple basil, thai basil, curry, and okra so far. The lemon thyme, greek and regular oregano, winter savory, parsley, and rosemary all came back this year and the lavender is crazy - I have two varieties of each for english, spanish, and french. I also have an unidentified one that I think is english and I picked up one this year that is called potpourri - not sure if that falls into one of the previously mentioned categories.

Laika spent the week in a fashionable bonnet of black trimmed vinyl - a step above the hard cone she was sent home wearing from the vet after being spayed. Within a few hours she had chewed a hole in the vinyl so we had to gorilla tape it (supposedly stronger than duct tape). The poor thing nearly scratched her sides to the bone where she was shaved. It was the only area she could reach. Every time she went into her crate at night, she wore the hard cone (she nibbled a lot at night) and during the day when she joined me at work she wore the soft cone. Thankfully she had her stitches out in only a week and she is so much happier . . . well, bored I suppose as this weekend Chris has a terrible cold and I am feeling the unwelcomed tickle at the back of my own throat - it's in the low 60s and quite cold feeling here. She has been cooped up all weekend no doubt dreaming of going to work and having playtime. The dog at work I think is a bit sick of seeing her - Laika has come into her own as a rather rough and tumble kinda girl - one might even say she was a softball player in another lifetime.

Ubiquitous animal shots to follow as well as some quick shots of the garden a'la Hipstermatic and Lo-Mod apps:
 Tilt shift garden . . . .
 Okra and herbs
 Pink Geyser Gaura and oregano
 Tomatoes and curry
 Euphorbia, lavender, and yarrow
 Jalapeno and Tomatoes
Yarrow, again . . . geez.
 Even Laika likes to garden . . .
 Chris and Laika
 Pretty vinyl bonnet . . . .
 Picking up satellite in transit . . . . perhaps from the Dog Star
Happy to have the cone removed . . . .

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