Thursday, September 08, 2011

boxed bread

Affectionately called: The "Is It Bigger Than A Breadbox" Breadbox, this is based on a gift from my sister. I am trying to recall the exact circumstances of how it came into my possession, but I remember seeing it at an antique store and commenting on it and suddenly it was a gift to me not too long after. I am told I am a very hard person to buy for so it is not uncommon that if I mention liking something in a shop, it will end up as a surprise for me later. Note to self: comment more on big ticket items. For me? Aw shucks! You shouldn't have!!

So, this again is not the usual run of the mill breadbox. This is actually a punched steel box with an enamel coating in a similar color to the canisters. Probably from the 30s. I have never seen one like it since. I thought this with the canisters would go well together in a set - that's the short and long of it. I will say this - I remember reading the comments on a set at MS3B where people can be wildly free with their thoughts . . . . (read: cruel) and I don't remember exactly what it was, but it was something to go on a counter or table or something and someone said something along the lines of 'well if it doesn't do anything I don't want it' . . . . fair enough. I understand the sentiment. In fact, I am very anxiously awaiting Unleashed because I am expecting that there will be a box of dog biscuits or cat treats or something that can be cloned (finally) for objects that sit on counters - like the canisters. So with this thought in mind, and remembering Sandy at ATS3 made some chests that were based on the WA chests - I asked her to help me with the process of making an object a chest. [as an aside, way back - I saw Sandy asking a question on one of the forums and as per usual it was being ignored by the moderators much like pretty much every question I ask on said forum {cough cough TSR cough} so I messaged her and told her that at MTS they had helped me with a problem I had and from what I learned, wouldn't it be possible to apply the attributes from the object she could not clone {no textures} to the object she made . . . long story short - she figured it out well beyond my understanding and somehow I got the credit . . . but I had to ask her how to do it and she was kind enough to assist me so really - this is only working cos Sandy rocks! And what a crazy simple solution too!!] So this breadbox DOES something! It holds things . . . seeds, tomb artifacts . . . anything a chest will hold - sans the animation but oddly - anyone can use it - it's not limited to those who have World Adventures. Must be in one of the patches. I am beginning to wonder if we can clone a lot more than we think with no EP/SP limitations . . .

Three slots . . . just in case . . .
So, here's the funny part. Well I find it funny. I needed to use an OMSP to place it the way I wanted to on the counter. It's no secret - I am NO FAN of these things and not because they are not terribly useful, but simply because I have zero patience for working with them and trying to get my stuff where I want it . . . so many pretty pictures out there use them and god bless every last one of them who uses them well - I (seriously) got a migraine trying to use it today. BUT IT WORKED. Let me tell you - 98cm is the key to getting this puppy on a counter. The thing disappeared every time I tried to pick it up then it started spinning and I couldn't undo that - then it wouldn't move back and when I finally got the hang of using it, I couldn't get the breadbox onto it . . . then I tried the cheat moveobjects on and FINALLY it worked. Hol-lee moses that was a year off my life. I tried a lot of different OMSP and the height just wasn't right . . . this really cool one (please - do not take my SPED experience as what you will encounter - I am simply challenged in these matters) from MTS by the creator granthes was the only one that worked and allowed me to tuck it back into the corner . . . I wish there was a way to counter the problem without an OMSP - but this is the one to do it with.

Sorry bubbies - you're going to have to click on this to read it . . . .
*EDIT* - I need to update which OMSP work. I will confess that Mango's OMSP are the first I always go to - they are simple and do the job. I often feel like there is truly something wrong with me that I cannot seem to use one well - these are that simple to use. For some reason I must have overlooked this particular height and frankly, je ne parle pas anglais - so I don't even know what the titles say. [aside: I have to wonder if my descriptions are in any way offensive when they are translated to different languages] So - if you want a very easy to use OMSP, download the Mango set (page two of sets, bottom set). Here is a picture of it in use - a screen capture to show you the exact name and look of it as well. It has two styles - but you won't have to make this one invisible - it's inside the counter.. The advantage to the other is that it's larger than the breadbox and you can place it again if you put it in the wrong spot. CTRL Z also works for the low-fi inclined.
You can thank Jenba for pointing out that this set indeed had the correct height.
Every piece in this set has multiple styles, but each style has it's own tiling. I have been trying to make objects with as much versatility as possible. When I am in my own game and want to use a pattern and it looks horrible on whatever creation I am trying to CASt . . . anyway - I know it is frustrating to have an idea for your 'scene' and none of your patterns seem to look right - wood alone has such a vast array of scale . . . . well - you know - you play this game too. Anyway - I started to include different tiling sizes before, but this set every object has multiple tiling options - I am hoping that is clear to those who don't read the notes and helpful to those who do :)

The different tiling options . . .
This is the last piece to the kitchen set . . . probably won't be released until Monday or Tuesday due to the weekend being almost upon us. If I could have finished everything yesterday, it would have been nice to release the set today for the weekend. Weekend releases - I have said this before - just get lost in the mix. You kill yourself to pull together a set - release it and no one realizes you did. Soul crushing. 


  1. I can't resist asking....does TSR REALLY ignore the comments of folks like you, presumably because you don't charge for your downloads? Oh well, ever since my run-in with the Vita-bee-with-an-itch person, nothing surprises me.....

    Looooooove your stuff, by the way, have made comments before but never seen them on the site. Who knows, maybe I have a bad rep because of run-ins such as the above.....

  2. Ekluntna - let me first ask: you have made comments at one of MY sites? I do not edit any comments - I think in all the time I have had a blog I have deleted one duplicate question and one spam post for a rug website. Comments are also 'live' so I don't wait to approve them. I am sometimes not the most timely in answering . . . . I am not sure who Vita... is? I fear I keep my head in the sand a good deal of the time. I pop up for air every now and then at LS or the new TSD - that's about it. And, THANK YOU! I really appreciate that you like my wares - I do this to pass the time and I am pleased that others get something out of my humble offerings :)

    Okay - about TSR. Honestly I can't understand it and perhaps my perception is a bit warped. Let me clarify, first, that there are some truly gifted artists over at TSR just trying to make a few extra bucks, and I can't blame them at all. If I could do this as my job - I would be in heaven. I have asked a couple of artists at TSR privately how things were achieved and they were very gracious in their assistance and with the information they provided. I have been a paying member over there while I have been able to afford it (that might need to change as I am not seeing many objects there lately and I am still between jobs).

    That said, the forums are a different entity entirely. When I was unknown, they answered a couple of questions. Since, however, I have had questions completely ignored by the forum moderators and I have observed other creators struggle with this same 'invisibility.' While I have never actually discussed it with other creators (this is my own observation) I think it is an easy thing to see when you look at the forum and see a non TSR artist asking a question with no answers while newbies have many. I see the exact same questions answered over and over and over again - really basic information that could be answered with a couple of 'before you ask your question please read this' posts. I don't think my questions are hard or odd - perhaps I am simply overlooking something much like the people who cannot seem to search through the forum before asking 'how do I launch the program' question for the umpteenth time. I have my moments of being oblivious to the obvious, but I do try to research something first to lessen how stupid I feel and can potentially look. So, it is disheartening to have something go completely unanswered.

    There is this notion of us vs them and I don't want to perpetuate that at all - pointing out this perceived difference in treatment is more a curiosity to me. I would like to think that TSR folks made the program - perhaps they can answer a few questions about it. I am actually of the opinion that we all have a common goal - let's help each other out. We all have varied skill levels I am always happy to talk shop with any creator - I think that is how we improve - it certainly is how I have improved. I am lucky to have found the few creators that I can communicate with - otherwise I seriously would have given up. Heidi took me under her wing and now we help each other with the problems we come up against. Because of her kindness, I have 'paid it forward' and continue to help others. I am hoping to post some unofficial tutorials that I have written for different people to assist up and coming artists in a continued effort to bring more clarity to this otherwise mostly confusing topic . . .

  3. I don't know whether I said too much or what, but I keep trying to respond to this, and it keeps not posting....maybe it will take this much (I didn't write the Great American Novel, really, it wasn't THAT bad!), and I can find an email address to write to......

    Hmm, that seems to have worked. I hope I get to say the rest of this nonsense, although I notice you get fawned over all the time.....

  4. Well, rats. Okay, I do apologize for taking up so much room here, but I did want to say these things, so I'll try posting half and half:

    Having been dying to talk to you for ages, I take this opportunity, and to clarify what I said above: I probably just did something stupid when posted on your blog, so not to worry. It didn't give me deep psychological issues or anything. I admit that I have learned to be rather cautious about these forums, because it appears to be fashionable to be as nasty and mean as possible to people like me, i.e., people who just love the whole Sims things but are very inexpert at it. I don't know what a typical Simmer is, and I suspect I'm not one: my kid got me into it, and I'm a middle-aged person who just loves to build beautiful houses and scarfs up every fabulous thing people like you put out. It boggles my mind that folks like you out there who are true artists are giving this stuff away. On the other hand, I don't think it's appropriate to ask for money for something that can't be guaranteed and may well destroy someone's game. I've had that happen numerous times, although never with anything of yours and the list of wonderful geniuses you've introduced me to with your links. Heidi, of course, Garden Breeze, that wonderful Luna (mortuaries, for heaven's sake, but plenty of other fabulous stuff), Pilar, ATS, and yes, dear old TSR. I agree, there are some wonderful designers there, and I'm not going to take sides, and they're pretty cheap anyway. Oh--and Vitasims. That's who I was referring to. Here's what happened to me with her. I guess I'm a bit of an innocent, and I hadn't realized people take this stuff quite so seriously, but for some time I prided myself on never paying for anything. Anyway, her stuff is sappy but sometimes quite nice, and I finally decided I simply had to have something of hers, so I dutifully paid my 5 Euros, and was told my download would be made available within 24 hours. I was also told that if I EVER tried to give her stuff to anyone away for free, I would die a horrible death and she would NEVER sell to me again (yes, she did use the word sell). Stupid me, I was at that time discovering Booty Sims (oh, that kid of mine!), and I foolishly mentioned that I would donate this set to them. Well….the woman had spies out, and my 5 Euros were immediately refunded (Ka-CHING!!!), and I was told I would NEVER be able to have anything of hers again!! I attempted a couple of placatory notes, but wowie-zowie, now you know why I refer to her as Vita-B….. You will be interested to know that she announced that she is now putting a code into her stuff that will crash the game of anyone who doesn't pay for it. As I continue to happily download her stuff from BootySims, I don't think she's figured out how to do this yet, but I guess I was left with the feeling of….Really? You really, REALLY take this stuff that seriously? I mean, I can't blame anyone who wants to make an extra buck or two, but golly, life is too short to get that bent out of shape. Anyway, it's a pity, because art is for the people, and I regret that politics and control issues that keep people from seeing what is beautiful and meaningful.

    Speaking of beautiful and meaningful….your rugs are to die for, as are your cushions, and I eagerly download any damned thing you want to give me (panting for that fridge!). You ARE a true artist (it bears repeating), and I think that these Sims creations constitute a modern folk art, and after all….has there EVER been a time in this country when we've needed art more? So keep it up, but I wish you got paid for it, because there's a lot of crappy art and writing out there that does make way more money than it deserves to, and well….funny old life, isn't it? The stuff EA makes is at the bottom of the list, in my opinion, and look how they're raking it in. Doesn't seem fair.

  5. Okay, here's the rest, and I PROMISE to show more restraint in future:

    Anyway, I love your patter, I think you're a great writer (and being a writer myself, this is high praise indeed from egotistically li'l ol' me), and I wish you lived next door. I really enjoyed discovering your blog. I'm a blogger too, but on an entirely different topic, so I won't promote myself here. It was a great day for me when I discovered your blog-bog, so I will continue to have my morning coffee while discovering what you're up to at the moment.

  6. While it would be improper of me to comment on the experiences you've had with other creators or their policies, I will say that I have come to realize there are many motives for why someone would mesh for this game, whether it was a hobby, a fascination, the need to create, the attention, or the money. Those last two I don't really understand but have stood witness to their existence. To each their own. I started out of a deep desire for some decent art in the game while also distracting my mind during some darker days in my life. I would love to make a living at it, but I would also like a pony. These things are fanciful thoughts. If a creator feels that they can outwit the masses above and beyond even EA . . . all the power to them. While I have visions of a hermetically sealed glass box with a security detail . . . I am also not a programmer.

    You may want to check out The Sims Daily . . . really. It's just for people who enjoy playing the game - age be damned. I know some forums seem bent on breaking everyone's spirit, but they are not all like that. Truth be told I am really quite a shy person and the topics at TSD have even had me participating more than I thought possible. Between the camaraderie and yucks, there is some good information being shared. It's early in its days and is still finding its way so it isn't set in its ways. You end up talking to people who mesh & mod as well as players & enthusiasts . . . I never thought I would say I 'fit in' anywhere, but this is pretty damned close. A coarse joke or two and voila - you have The Sims Daily. It's worth checking out - even if you lurk for a spell before joining.

    I want to say thank you, too, for your kind words on not only my objects, but also my writing. I am told I write a lot like how I speak. I think the benefit of writing something, saving it, and being able to go back and edit it to read a little more fluidly is a major coup. Can't do that in real life. I mean - you could, but who'd want to talk to you if you just kept screaming 'do over' and repeating yourself. And listen - you could live next door shortly - my neighborhood is full of the elderly and most have oxygen tanks . . . you never know.

  7. LOL - no no - there should be an open house available soon!

  8. God, youth is wasted on the young.....just ask my 23 year old daughter.....

    Anyway, I started checking out The Sims Daily, but under a different name. Look for me under a name that typifies psychological opposites.....

    By the way, I keep meaning to tell you that your writing reminds me of a J. Peterman catalogue. Not as snooty, of course....