Tuesday, September 06, 2011

eating time.

Not entirely sure why this is in skinny vision . . . 

Just a quick update. While this was not particularly difficult, I have been tinkering with the silverware  on this all morning and finally got it to where I think it looks good. This is based on a real clock in my kitchen. Mine is a little rusty and worn. I purchased three of these back in the early 90s  in Cambridge Massachusetts at the Church Street Fair. I was looking for gifts and could not resist one for myself, too. I am learning to include different tiling for each style as certain patterns simply don't look good when they are too small or too large. Version 1 is set to 4,4, version 2 is set to 1,1 and version 3 is set to 2,2 on the pie tin. The silverware I have left at 4,4. This should aid in getting the right look from your own patterns.

The clocks as they appear in game . . . . 
EDIT - I am going to add some kitchen picture spam from Jenba at Greetings from Mt Geneva who has been kind enough to help me with testing these items. Her pictures back to me are always to amazing. The patterns she'll try out on the different objects always makes me feel like I include some of the most boring recolors! I also need to say how important her feedback has been to this set! There were some clumsy oversights in the refrigerator especially that she caught and I am not sure I would have even noticed until I went to take final photos or worse - post release! So, THANK YOU JENBA!!

As I know these only as crackled, it had not occured to me to try a new type of base pattern!
It was testing a wood pattern that caught a tiling oversight - this is the corrected version
I had only tried metal patterns . . . custom kitchen wood panels made perfect sense!
I actually got a little weak kneed seeing this - I love the pattern selection!
This is with Awesims new kitchen - I haven't even had time to try this set out myself!
I am curious if the height is the same or if this is an optical illusion  - looks good with that set :)
The clock - brilliantly patterned to be especially fun and funky!


  1. Oh I love this clock drools and eagerly awaits its release

  2. Check out Jenba's recolors sunhairsimscreations! I fell in love with it again when she sent me pictures!

  3. Now I'm totally drooling those recolors Jenba did are to die for!

  4. You have no idea how happy this had made me.

  5. Epifight! YAY! It's so nice of you to drop in :)

    I'm itchin' to get this set off my plate!

  6. must have sitting here drooling. Bau I've gotten that way myself with the itch it'll drive you crazy lol.

  7. hehe - I just have to take some photos, write some copy, and hopefully Monday it will be out there for the world to decide what to do with it :)