Friday, May 31, 2013

I wave the white flag.

Apparently, texture on glass and I will not come to an agreement. Therefore, I concede. I wave my white flag, constructed with the handkerchief that I used to wipe my furrowed brow and dry my ever so bitter tears while giving it a gesture that only you and I know means 'effffffyooooooouuuuu' in some foreign land (meaning: not 'Ah-mer-KA' as my neighbor would say [while looking out 'him's win-ders' at his 'tah-may-ter' plants.] Bless his hillbilly heart.).


So ... the glass - she is an ornery thing. While I love tinkering with the settings and am often pleased with the results - this was something I simply could no longer beat my head against the wall this thing would sit on in game. May I present the last version (unless some kind soul out there cares to offer their assistance on this matter: glow and texture [hint hint {beggin' here}]) of this wall light:

I heart you, you bastard
 The real one will work, I tell you. (sob) It wiiiillllllllll.

Notice the lovely logo . . .  the beautiful ribbed (and textureless [not bitter]) glass . . . two styles - with and without logo. The end. Don't CASt it too light in color or you'll be "blinded by the light" and revved up like a deuce methinks - whatever the hell that means.

Onto other matters. I finally got a picture of my garden that looks like my garden. You'll all roll your collective eyes - I just know it - but I always go to my garden and take a photo and am wildly disappointed by the shot. It's brown. Brown and sad. While I am doing dishes or yelling "end it" out the window at the dogs who bark at pollen falling I glance over and sigh a big smile at my garden - this is year 3.5/4 of working towards a better garden - aw!

Atlanta has a very early spring and some years it is short. This year has been lovely but there has been a lot of rain so the lavender has been crushed by the rain and the weight of the water trapped in the flowers. I have two smaller plants of English lavender that I am thrilled came back - it struggles here, but it's in bloom currently and the HONEY BEES came this year to enjoy the garden. WOO. Many selections I have opted for were in hopes of helping the honey bee.

This year we will be getting plants that bloom other than in spring so that the garden isn't completely depressing by August. So while this shot still isn't that impressive - so many items did their song and dance in April.

Many of you remember the tree falling and crushing my garden. Last year we extended the garden to a full third of the back yard (after fencing in an area for the dogs). We've also extended it to the area where the tree stood to reclaim that area with life.

Okay. Now I've built up this photo like it's breathtaking. It's simply how I see my garden and it's not sparse and (completely) brown.

Only 3.5/4 years later and it's about halfway 'there' - that silver bit will be covered by mulch (top right)
Okay - off to work with me. I will be tinkering this weekend and am still working on my top secret project. If I wasn't completely grey before, this project might get me there.

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