Sunday, June 02, 2013

A cup a cupp a cuppa cup a cup.

While I might not be singing 'The Java Jive' I was doing a little jive revisiting the metlox mug I released in 2010. While there was nothing 'wrong' with it - it always bothered me that I needed to release a stacked version of it when it should just stack on its own.

fig 1/1a & fig 2 - 2010 vs 2013
When doing a kitchen anything, I am always forced to remember the items that came before it. I like this item well enough, but it was never properly smoothed. You wouldn't know it - it looked good in game - but it always sort of bothered me that it's something I use in my own game a lot and it wasn't at it's best.

Revisiting an item one finds some curious things. This thing was over 800 polys (pushing 900). Good christ I say.

The new version is 400ish poly count. It has been slightly altered to look even more like the real thing as well - the poly trim is from the interior (the interior had as many polys as the exterior). That's just crazy . . . man. Then of course, smoothing and welding helps with the look and the seams. This also has a slot so it stacks properly. Sometimes you want random stacks at varying heights. Okay - let me rephrase that . . . sometimes I want varying stacks . . . . It was something that I would have originally tackled had I known how to do it, but I think at the time it was not really possible.

Where this is a 2.0 I didn't want to just 'redo' it and walk away. The original had 12 of the original pottery colors. In real life the white was in both gloss and satin. The original is still fine - you don't even really need to remove it if you don't feel like it (read - I can't be bothered to remove it from my own game [even though I don't even have all of my own items {talk about getting bored over time looking at your own stuff}]). Anyway - the new version has only four (what I will call 'Fantasy') colors that don't exist in real life. Some company should re-issue these things - they are so comfortable in ones hand I can't even tell you.

One more item to look at doing today . . . have a few errands to run, but posting a random image without explaining it just seems . . . . unlike me and my compulsive need to notate. Then photos. Lordy I hate taking photos.

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