Thursday, October 10, 2019


If you've followed me long enough, you probably know I hate strongly dislike holidays - like ... all of them. I joke that Ground Hog's day is my favorite holiday, but ... surprise - I find that holiday superfluous as well ... well, as superfluous as a ground hog in a hat can be. The irony of it all is that I am the one who has to design graphics for said holidays for work and have been for a number of years now. Take a look at two of my more recent favorites (2017 [Mardi Gras, Valentines, and Groundhog Day combined]and 2019 ... different companies, same schtick):
That said, Sims4 released Realm of Magic and - while I am *sure* they released this in coincidence with the month of October - it has a bit of a halloween vibe. So in the spirit of that coincidence, I am making a tiny set of wallpapers and art to go with this expansion stuff pack addon game pack.

I have a new collection of ephemera relating to bats I need to coordinate into a new file, but I am bringing back an oldie/goodie from S3 - Nature in Parts ... mostly scientific diagrams.With S3 - it was easy to simply recolor the frame and matting however you want. With S4, I am forced to choose for you. This is both burden and blessing. You finally get to see how I might frame something in real life, but you're also stuck with that one look.

Recently I have been working on a set of frames that are identical in different shapes. These are intended to go on canvases, but for 'matted artwork' (we are just talking pixels here) it doesn't make sense to offer 'separates' ... so I am including some variation in the frame color choice.
It's a strange collection of images with my status-quo not-maxis-match so I anticipate this will be a hot commodity as always. Feh.
Bella's Bats wallpaper
Creature Feature wallpaper
Lunar Moth wallpaper
Hoping to hop back on to this project this weekend for a Monday release.

There is also a set of vintage wallpapers that I have been working on that was inspired by the Nouveau feel of the build items in the  Realm of Magic release. Originally intended to be exclusively Nouveau, but finding a good selection was difficult. A lot of other styles in there and really, I prefer diversity anyway.
Need to set this back up - look at that outline. This paper was from a design sheet - finding the repeat and then making it seamless was a task!
Actual vintage wallpaper
I am going to end on a different note .... I tried to find a different platform with both Waterfall and NewTumbl ... both were not 'replacing tumblr' in a way that I liked. Both are just getting off the ground and I felt like Waterfall was having a personality complex while NewTumbl (a nice enough site) picked up all those who were displaced in Tumblr's heavy handed handling of a complex issue. A lot of people left because free speech seemed to be on attack and many people who were just caught in the crossfire (like myself) and were fed up. When I think of Tumblr, I think of a lot of creative types posting/reposting interesting photography, art, memes, and videos. I did not however consider all of the pornography that was displaced. Guess where is all landed? NewTumbl. I am happy for all of those people who have a new home. I was more hoping that all of the displaced simmers were flocking there too. Nope. A mere handful - quality sites mind you - but a mere handful.

It reminded me that I started alone (and in full control of my content/posts) and ultimately - was happiest when I simply posted about what was happening in my life (as it were) - sims and not-sims.I don't know about you, but I will enjoy the silence.

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