Saturday, January 19, 2019

Pardon the dust ... yo.

It's been a while.

My absence almost directly coincided with my arrival at Tumblr. It was not my intention to just simply stop this blog, but trying to social and unique on the many avenues we call the internet - all while being predominantly anti-social - was a little too much to take on.

So ... Tumblr. What a fucking mess. It was fun while it lasted, but honestly - in its current state - I would say it is better to back away smiling and nodding with occasional hand gestures of 'farewell' and 'until we meet again' with the full intention of not returning. Butter wouldn't melt in my mouth.

As far as I can tell from online reports, Tumblr hosted child porn - the app stores drop' them like they hot ... they find Puritanism and suddenly we're all living in a dry county. Meanwhile they have plenty of hate sites, and they do have policies on these things - they simply don't enforce it. But a fleshy colored pixel is enough to be flagged for adult content. In my case it was black and white ... text that is. Very clean and very proper text. Not a single questionable word ... fuckers!

Annoying as it is, I don't want to second guess every time I try to make a post while feeling as though the company itself is endorsing Hate® because, that, apparently, is free speech and harder to take down, but a 'woman presenting nipples' is offensive and unnatural and a simple algorithm can take that down in nanoseconds.

I'm slowing down - I don't have a lot of time for online stuff. I especially don't have a lot of time for bullshit. Even my Tumblr feed has been reduced to 50% sim posts and 50% complaints that their sim post was flagged for adult content (and 25% of that is people reblogging the now allowed post only to say the reblog was flagged).


It's going to take a spell to get back into the rhythm of writing a thoughtful post. Tumblr favored thoughts in short, pictures in excess. Overly edited pictures at that. I might take a more Tumblr approach some days. I have often had some additional side blog to post something about music I was listening to at the time or things that inspire me. I will keep Tumblr as an archive, but I'm limiting myself for the moment to this, and b5Studio. In the meantime ... I'm feeling ffffine.

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