Thursday, July 08, 2010

Make that "Last Bounty"

Well, we didn't witness it, but we certainly heard it. Being that the house is brick we didn't even really feel it per se. A tree fell across our entire back yard. Hasn't rained, no rot that we could see; we've even made peace with the squirrels to a degree so we can't even blame them (though I still might give them the hairy eyeball).

Here I am communing with nature . . . .

4:45 am we are awakened to the sound of a snap crackle and thud. Chris asks me if I heard that and I say 'a tree just fell down' and he says "Yeah, but did you hear that?" There is something to be said for slumber logic.

I call the insurance company and they are really not that helpful. If it isn't inside the house they really can't do much about it. I had better be in good hands Allstate.

They have filed a claim and I am waiting to call them to find out my next step and exactly what is covered as I have heard so many nightmare stories about acts of god (what if you don't believe in the same god?) and lack of coverage. When I got insurance on the house I wanted to make sure it was a good policy. My idea of good and what they sold me may not match up and I am just waiting to find that out now. What if the deductible is ridiculously high? With the many furlough days, I may as well say I had a 10 - 20% pay cut depending on what week we're talking about. That's already on a obscenely low wage for a skilled position. RAR!

Tree making friends with ground
Chris, in the chaos, found the time to garden.

What kills me most is all the work we did on the back yard that is now in shambles. I can repair the house, I cannot bring back the 20 tomato plants, the stars and moon watermelon plant (we had 2 growing), the sad little carrots, the squash or the jalapeno pepper plant. Double RAR!


  1. Oh no! Not the garden!

    That sounds like a big mess... But it's good it didn't damage your house too much. Good luck with everything!

  2. I feel like someone punched me in the stomach. I am still sitting here waiting on the insurance company to call me back - supposedly sometime today but I can't even call a tree removal until I hear from them . . .

  3. Ugh that sucks. IF you can still breathe, you can still plant tomatoes right?

    Count your blessings, not your fallen toms ;)
    On my street a tree fell INTO the house, the patio doors on the second floor were miraculously open, so none of the family or children were harmed.
    I wonder what the native americans would see in such an omen?

  4. This really could have been much worse on a lot of levels - the house could have been destroyed, we could be dead - this was so hard to photograph and actually show how large and scary it really is.

    At the moment we're waiting for the guy to come and saw it up - looking out all the windows at the back it looks like we are high up in the trees - all you see are leaves.

    I will probably smudge the house this weekend to cleanse it of the negative energies and sorrow. I would guess that tree was at the very least 100 years old and I cannot see that the remaining part will be left standing. The break leaves a shelf for water to rot it away. I am hopeful that there is an alternative.

  5. Prosthetic limbs for trees! my mind is running wild with that image.

    I have 100 Gingko leaves sitting in my old bio books, waiting to be collaged into an Homage to a fallen tree.

    Smudging is fun, my cats love the sage smoke.