Friday, July 02, 2010

Could it be?

Hopefully, this weekend I will be able to pull together the biological chart set that I have been planning now for a while. I am pleased with the mesh - especially being that it is a first mesh for me - one from scratch. As disappointed as I was that I was unable to use the mesh I found at ATS3, it forced me to actually take a bolder step in Milkshape, and while I still think their product is superior,I like mine a little more due to the vintage feel of it. A cylinder, a few boxes, and borrowing (but still changing) from objects on sites that mention free use for the handle and hanging mechanism (no, I haven't figured out how to make curves, well nice ones anyway) and presto - it's a wall chart.

The things that were bothering me originally I was able to mend this afternoon. I had attempted to make from scratch a hanger and sadly, none of the tutorials talk about how to make something entirely from scratch. I was able to figure out the preset shapes and how to alter them easily enough - it was using the vertex and face buttons that, although I have a pretty good idea of how to make a shape, I had no idea as to how to render it into one of the 'materials'. I have a long way to go, but I guess three times a charm for this project. The caps were as I suspected - a one ended cylinder, but when the mesh went through UV Mapper, it for some reason made a lot more sense - the shapes were a little clearer and I am not entirely sure why. I suspect I will get the pro version, just because it seems easier, sometime down the road. Being able to clearly see the shape allows me to apply an image to the cap of a distressed metal and have it look a little better.

Not that anyone is going to be dying for this mesh, but really, if someone does want it - they can use it for whatever - I just want some sort of little credit/link or something.


  1. You have no idea how excited I am for this set. I loved the whole idea of the pull down chart mesh; and your choice of pictures make me squirm with glee.

  2. Seriously? That is really nice to hear! I have been sitting here thinking that this is going to be another Korean Children with DDT failure. I sometimes wonder/fear if what interests me is a little too specific for the masses hehe - thank you - that is really a boost for my confidence : )

  3. Korean failure? I thought that was hilariously awesome.

    I am not sure what appeals to the masses, and if this is it or not, but everything you make sure appeals to me. So you at least have one happy customer. ;)

    Well, more than one. I know other people who love your stuff as well.

  4. I second that, and seeing as I'm learning to mesh, you inspire me that there IS a light at the end of the jargon tunnel of shame.

    You're stuff has a unique style to it and I think you will find that people will receive your creations warmly.

    If it makes you feel better, you can always offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTY! =D

  5. I hope you are able to suss out how to work with the program quicker than me. I swear that I refused to hear certain things out of fear. I watched a SimSupply video at least 20 times and only in the later part of my viewing did I ever hear things that helped. It can be overwhelming.

    Key points for me - learning what X, Y, & Z directions are - that I couldn't remember. Knowing that you can only work in one direction as the x, y, & z buttons are selectable. Prior to that I was selecting the whole thing and attempting to scale. By the time I had made the mantle picture I was going about scaling in the most obtuse manner.

    Just last night I found out that if you hold the ctrl button while clicking/holding in a window it allows you to move the damned window to a new visible area. Prior to this little chestnut I have been selecting the whole effn thing and moving it down or up to see what I could not see when zoomed in. Stoopid, huh?

    I have been very lucky thus far in regards to what I have released - it has been well received. I have witnessed some horrible flamings on MS3B.

  6. Yes, I know which video you are talking about.
    I just love Flabaliki's accent, his whole voice is soothing.
    I'm finally sorry I didn't so my advanced math homework back in HS cause this is the kind of thinking processes that are strengthened by algebra =/ Quite certain your x y z stuff will serve and I can come back and read it when that bridge arrives. Your suppose to make stupid mistakes in beginner's mind, that's why it's so uncomfortable for adults. Children are so cool with the learning process.
    Seriously, something inside wanted to harm something outside the other night while cloning a fence so I decided to sleep on it rather than rage.
    The flamings on MS3B are nutty, I got trolled yesterday under my name grillcheesesammich and they had me saying some pretty nasty stuff about farm animals...
    I need to use a logged ID with pic when I post there, lesson learned.

  7. I have a couple of these in RL. One shows a chicken skeleton. GREAT set. Thanks Bau!

  8. Very envious of your RL wall charts! When I see them in shops they are crazy expensive . . . glad you like the sims version : )

  9. You definitely should get the pro version of UV Mapper (if you haven't already). I've found it so useful. Hope you plan on meshing a lot more in the future - I really love your sense of style. :)

  10. OH - that's good to know - I was considering buying it until the tree fell. I still might need to splurge - I really want the pole lamp I am working on to look its best.

    And thank you : )