Tuesday, July 06, 2010

To CASt or not to CASt

Well, if you've downloaded one of the rugs I have uploaded at b5studio, then you have probably encountered the problem of switching between the (usually) 12 styles easily. They don't have a pattern and on some systems that can be a major problem - the game freaks out and a big orange arrow points at the different styles and announces that you can't change the pattern. Wah wah!

It has been a source of frustration and I don't really know how to fix it other than to add a pattern. So, I am asking some of you to download a new test rug - it's ugly as sin - has 5 styles (contemporary - ever wonder why I only had seven in the original? - me too!) at a whopping 5 simoleons. When you see it you'll understand why. I probably will never release any of these (well, I do sort of like that blue/green one) in a set, so keep it if you want - it's just a test file to me.

The dig is, I need feedback - I don't know if this helps YOUR game. Thing is - in my game I can still switch patterns between the rugs even with the big orange arrow and the ominous message. Once the patterns have loaded (usually loads Fabrics) I am still able to switch between the different style rugs. This is not how I normally choose the style I want - I usually do that in buy mode and yes, it takes a bloody long time.

If this helps your game, then I will go back and re-edit every single rug file I have uploaded to allow you to RE-download the CASt-able file. It won't change the look of anything - it will just have a white pattern (Miscellaneous patterns) under the image of the rug - won't affect the look at all.

Please - your feedback is necessary so please post a comment here if it works better for you.

Download the file HERE


  1. I'll test it for you.... tonight...

  2. I like that blue/green pattern rug! I can switch between the different styles and no big orange arrows either. It looks perfectly fine to me!

  3. Great - that's the desired result! Thank you :)

    I am getting a little soft spot for the blue/green one . . . it might make it into a full set hehe

  4. Wow you have a "plea" blog on standby, fancy pants:P

    I will also gives these a ride and report back with my findings. Maggiiiic carrrpettt riddde...
    I rep your rugs any chance I get and now that I am learning to mesh, oyy vey--appreciation!

  5. Ok. Usually when I get the orange arrow with your rugs, I CAN choose the alternate styles but they revert when I exit CAS tool.
    The test rugs do not revert(no arrows for moi either). Personally, I always just cloned the rug, deleted it when the menu came up and then chose the one I wanted. I have alot of patterns so the load time is long when I use the recolor CAS tool.

    I have to agree about the blue/green one as a keeper but I also really like the orange/yellow starburst one. Is it signed? I think I see a little signature on that rug in the corner.
    Keep up the rugged rugorous work, hardy harrr.

  6. They reverted? Yikes! I didn't realize that . . .

    So adding a pattern fixes the problem - see, you actually choose a rug the same way I do it sounds - I either delete the one I have and go and find a different one in buy mode or use the eyedropper and just choose a different one that way. I became used to that method because so many other rugs were designed exactly as I was putting them out - it's how I learned.

    I, too, have many patterns - it's a drag honestly. I thought merging them all into smaller files would expedite their load time but really, in the scheme of things - it's still slow slow slow.

    So the 'fix' is still the lesser of two evils for everyone involved - it might just add some time to those who know and use the workaround.

    As for the rugs - I plan on a small Fornasetti set - the company that sells those rugs also had the starburst rug and I think the first one too (the reddish orange one) - they are high end designer rugs, and yes - signed. I understand the Fornasetti ones go for about $40k(?) - crazy!

    OH! And this blog is for the creative process - I realized that most CC junkies would never wade through the madness and chatter about the creative process. This blog covers all things creative and current events like the GD tree falling in my yard and hitting the house! Double plus RAR! My pants - they be fancy indeed :)

  7. Yeah I think what this fix will do above all is spare you the barrage of comments about how your rugs are gorgeous, bla bla bla but BROKEN!

    As for the patterns loading, I don't know who to write to but I would love to see a confirmation style popup "are you sure you want to load pattern panel? Y N" That way, you could go in CAS and click say a curtain and change it red to blue by color wheel dragging BEFORE the whole damn panel of patterns loads.

    40K! fuck that, shoes OFF, no walking on my rug! Don't breathe on it...oh wait better put it under thick glass.

    I'd be the type to blow massive deniro on photography, paintings and rugs if I were nouveau riche. That's right the rug is 40K and the couch is Salvation Army, deal with it, I like old stuff.

    You and your pants are wise to have a secondary area for creative discussion. The plebs would just grab your loot and stone you for rambling.

    I'm starting on my own share journey, making a whole series of house and sim replicas from Heavy Rain Ps3 game. It's very engaging as a project, the hours fly by.

    I'm dealing with issues about TSR, I'm a paid subscriber there, so I've loaded my game chock full'O pay loot. And now that narrows my venues for uploading. Most sites won't touch uploads that dabble in pay stuff.

    Don't even start me on my journey to learn meshing. UGHHHH! seriously, I want to kung-fu chop everything in site every time I try to follow a tutorial. I'm very computer savvy and I'm good at taking directions, but man--this is like being shipped to another planet. So if you have any suggestions for tutorials in that area, I'd appreciate it.

    BTW--MTS put out a new custom launcher that claims it combines packages s3pe style auto-matic-allyyyy. I haven't tried it yet, I'm afraid I don't have enough ram to handle such an operation chain.

    I like to share good finds with good people.

    And whats this about a GD tree falling on your house? I hope your house is ok, will look that up on this blog.
    We had a mini-tornado just weeks ago here in Montreal. Trees fell EVERYWHERE!
    I'll post some pics sometime. So freaky how nature snaps trees like they were toothpicks.

    Oh one last thing, do you make your own patterns? I've been wondering if I absolutely have to separate the channels in textures like concrete and stone. Let me know if you are interested in textures cause I hit the motherlode for free files and they are really high quality.

  8. I have not started making my own patterns yet BUT I am noticing that I am having a very hard time with patterns as of late - I am wondering if the new EA pattern tool is screwy. I downloaded a few and none of my patterns would load and then I just downloaded a set of bricks from black pearl sims and all (12?) show up as the same black brick pattern. I have never had trouble with patterns before . . . I was going to install the pattern maker as I cannot seem to wrap my head around a repeating pattern no matter how many tutorials I read, but now I am suspect of it.

    I have folders of material for patterns. A lot of it is from vintage ephemera of pattern styles, history, or samples and now I don't know what to do with them.

  9. Would it shock you to learn the EA pattern tool sucked?
    When you say wrap your head around the repeating pattern, do you mean seamless tiling?

    Also, have you tried TSR Workshop or Delphy's pattern packager? If you can mesh, sir, you can make patterns. That being said, I think I will give it another try today.
    And I think those bricks you were referring to were sims2 conversions? I was gonna get those... I wonder what they used to make em.
    Lots of questions--lol sorry.

  10. er - Seamless Tiling - that is exactly what I was intending to say . . . I will blame the fog on the lack of coffee at time of posting.

    If you do download them would you please tell me if they are screwy? I had 14 black brick patterns in my game (which I think it the first one). They are a conversion.

  11. I was pretty sure what you meant, but that level of tech talk always merits clarification :P

    Have you patched up to new July 7th patch release? Maybe that would straighten it out. EA is a weirdo. And yes I can keep you posted on my opinions of those other programs. I had downloaded the EA one, but experienced pattern makers were poo-pooing it on forums so I ditched.

  12. Just posted my first pattern enabled rug set . . . let's hope it goes over well.

    I have not installed the patch - I am usually wait a few days to hear if there are any big problems that were unforeseen. I will patch and try the patterns again - thanks - I would not have thought of that.

  13. Awesome mod and Nraas (twallan) have already updated, I patched yesterday and haven't had any mod crashes after about 2 hours of play.
    If you have probs, let me know--I've read up often on troubleshooting.
    And I have enough CC to account for 4 expansion packs, easily.

    I loveeeee your new rug set. I'm rather grateful that damn orange arrow reared it's fugly head now =)

    I'm off to the cottage! Have a great weekend and best of luck with your tree.