Sunday, August 15, 2010

Moving on . . . on many levels.

Going back to rugs for the next release - series two of the large Antique rugs. I need to work longer with UVMapper to explore how to properly shade the multipliers. Although most were kind in their comments on the past two releases, the download numbers are relatively low for the first week. I have toyed with the idea of releasing some items on TSR but there seems to be two schools in the community - those who like TSR and think every piece of crap item released is worthy of downloading no matter how stupid and thoughtless what consideration went into its creation. Then there are those who feel pay sites must die and anything related to them is evil. Does it really come down to being cult status or a sellout? Truth be told I am grey on this matter. I think some things are amazing at TSR, much like the entire internet - you have to start somewhere and not every thing one makes can be a massive hit. It's just that every piece of furniture I have put seems to be only of mild interest. Site X however with their hello kittie everything set seems to be the real hit. Ahem. That's . . . um, nice.

Looking for a roommate should anyone be moving to Atlanta or know someone in Atlanta or for some reason if you are in Atlanta and you actually are reading this . . . seems the tree killed more than my garden.

Oh - if you'd like to test something mentioned on this site before it is released to the public I am looking for testers. The bed fiasco was just an embarrassment. I test stuff as much as I can in my own game before it is released, but sometimes games act differently. Needless to say you would be getting the BETA version if not the final. Certainly, you'd be getting it earlier than the other three people that are downloading stuff at b5Studio. Let me know. I am probably moving my release day to Wednesday. Gives me the weekend to pull together what I need and a few days to rest before it goes live. The one Wednesday release I did was quite popular - I think people are out on the weekends and tend to not see the new stuff on MS3B.


  1. It sounds like you are having a rough time. I sincerely hope that things turn around soon.

    I adore your style and sense of humor, and your rugs and art are exactly what my game was lacking, so I thank you!

    I can't help with the roommate situation, but I can help with multipliers if you are interested. It really is not as daunting as it may seem atm. My first Sims 3 objects were so flat and pathetic looking that I wanted to give up entirely! Believe me, your first attempts at objects are much, much better and you should be proud of your progress. People like to imply that making a mesh and getting it in the game is not so hard, but when you are starting from absolutely no knowlege it is overwhelming to learn everything. At least it was to me. I still cringe at certain things I have released. Anyway, if you're interested, don't hesitate - I would be happy to help. And I'd be happy to help test things for you if you'd like. Email is on my website :)

    Many thanks again for the lovely goodies and looking forward to more!

    Heidi (exotic elements)

  2. Ah man, I'm gonna be my optimistic self here and *toast* to your newborn beginning.

    Proud would Yoda be of you for you try when you could try not.

    Also if you need a tester I'd be happy to be of assistance.
    It so happens I agree with you about TSR too, they have been a bittersweet presence in my creative projects. I won't lie, some of my favorite creators are over on the "darkside".

    Years ago, shadow baking, mapping and multipliers would have been synonymous with getting high and having sex on a hiking trip. Go figure!

  3. Thank you both - I really appreciate your kind words. It seems like when it rains it snows (TMBG).

    I have sent you both the link to the rug file - Heidi to your email and SaffronLane to whatever email you signed up with to be a 'follower' (man I hate that term). If the link does not come through, let me know and I will resend to wherever you would prefer :)

  4. hmm, I don't see it in my inbox. My email is to confirm. Also I have just now finished the set you commented on and would like you to be the first to get a copy :)I'll reply to your link with mine from my inbox.
    Stoked to see/test your rug file!