Tuesday, December 28, 2010


In attempting different lights, I wanted to try something like and Edison bulb. You know the ones I am talking about - very old fashioned - the glowing dim filament - very cool and a cool shape. I kept thinking I was doing something wrong because the filament kept showing up on its black background, but I did not delete the saved one from the game - it kept showing the old texture. Duh.

Check it out!
After the bottle light, I wanted to try something like a canning jar. I am still debating it.
With this new type of approaching a bulb, each of these lights could be moved to the next level and all of them could have clear bulbs with glowing filaments. I don't know how glass on glass will look, but you can see the shine on the bulb in the glass jar - it's simply an applied sheen to the specular level.  Are these details even noticed in game?


  1. Your current projects look amazing! I am really excited about all of it. As for details, sometimes I don't notice particulars, but you can just tell when an object has been really scrutinized and created with care. So in as far as the details contribute to the overall effect and add to the authenticity, I feel they are important. I hope you feel better soon!

  2. The detail you put into your work looks awesome! Just looking at your pictures tells me that a lot of work was put into making the object. I've always admired the big Edison bulbs because of the innovative and productive era it represented. Cant wait till you finish it!

  3. I really hope that the Edison Bulb light isn't underwhelming to people when they see it. It's pretty tiny and the details are really only there when you zoom in on it. I designed it to output a little light as real Edison bulbs are rather dim. I was at CB2 tonight getting a filing cabinet and saw their version of the Squirrel Cage bulb and I love it in person too but the output of light is minimal - they had 20 of them hanging and you couldn't tell they were lit without the aide of the halogen lights surrounding them.

    I love the bulb - I guess I fear people will sort of shrug and go 'this is why it hasn't been done before' hehe I need to post pictures of the Edison Bulb actual.

    Thank you both though. The jar pendant will be going under the knife so to speak shortly - it really failed testing as I made a Edison type as well as the regular and it was concluded that if they could be merged somehow it would be fantastic, but all my tests seemed to point to an light base with two glass groups which does not at this time exist.