Saturday, December 18, 2010

Follow Up on the Table.

Utterly flummoxed by this table. Sims simply will not eat at it and you cannot place something functional - like a laptop - onto the table. I am holding out for a TSRW solution as I really like to be able to release a sim3pack too, however, I am at the point where I am calling my computer names - vulgar and ugly names - and I fear feelings might start to get hurt. Everyone at MTS has been very kind to offer information on S3PE, but I am (stupidly) holding out for someone to say "Oh! That's this here." and viola, the problem will be solved.

Worse come to worse, I will simply redesign the table to be longer (I suspect it looks too squat anyway for a door, but it IS just a game) or I will simply ditch TSRW for this project and approach the project via S3PE - that community certainly seems entirely more helpful anyway. Techies - got to love them all. Mwah! (that was an air kiss - you can duck as necessary).

Stay tuned for the continuing saga. I have my question posted at MTS here.

UPDATE 5:29 pm - OrangeMittens and HugeLunatic at MTS have solved the problem of the table and have allowed me to edit the file in a different way. Every single step of this has been a learning experience. For the techies, the RSLT, FTPT, and RIG files needed to be exchanged for ones coming from an EA 2x1 table. Peter at SimLogical had posted this afternoon (!!) a new test version that allowed me to import the RIG file whereas the one I used this morning was not designed to allow for that. Brilliant!! 

Check out this sim and his lovely date, the laptop, enjoying dinner together.

UPDATE 12/25 9:15am - After examining the files and attempting this whole thing again to see what the matter was, I feel that this was exclusively the RIG. When cloning and manually changing the information or importing the RSLT and FTPT and then renaming the slot/bone hash as per Murano's tutorial, the same effect was achieved - a table that no sim would use in the manner it should be. Where I am not a techie, I don't understand enough about the RIG file and would be interested to know if TSRW normally alters this information or if this was crucial to making the table work and should be done in all cases. Suffice it to say, this will be the method used in the future. Make sure, if you are creating a table to consider this method for simply the ease of it. 

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