Thursday, December 30, 2010

Not Mister Rogers Trolley

A number of years ago I saw one of these in use at a shop pushing product. I thought it would make a cool coffee table. Since that day, I have seen some of these converted into furniture and after talking about wanting to make one for Sims 3 (where I couldn't have one of my own) I saw one posted in a TS2 screen capture. So - while I am now realizing it's not the most original idea, I still wanted to try my hand at it.  I found a few images of some different styles and settled on this style. While I am needing to add some details to it, I did want to share the progress.

You can probably see that corner brace looks a little shiny. That is one of the problems I have been having lately with TSRW. I am trying to suss out a solution and the folks at TSR are not terribly helpful with obscure questions.

1 comment:

  1. I'm really excited about this table, maybe I'll give my industrial apartment another try when this is finished, the other one I made failed miserably lol!