Wednesday, June 29, 2011

In the Garden remastered

**Links are erroneously pointing here for the Green Man set.  If you find yourself here looking for the garden set - it's actually at b5Studio here- August 24, 2011

Err . . . you do know Eurythmics first official album was In the Garden, right? Probably my favorite, truth be told. Anyway - I am getting closer to finishing the garden set - I have a few more ideas but I don't know exactly what I will end up including just yet. Sometimes you have an idea and for whatever reason it's crap. I tried forever to get this egg finial - sort of looked like a stylized artichoke - it's actually pretty traditional fare - but my god it was impossible to get the scale right to my eye so I ended up recycling it in a bit of a snit. What can I say . . .

So, last we left off I showed two obelisk - these have not changed much - just tightened up a bit - the broken statue as well. I never did actually show you what the famous sculpture was that started this whole thing off. You'll probably laugh . . . well, maybe not.

You are probably familiar with Picasso's steer sculpture - make from a bike seat and handlebars? I had a flash in my head of it and thought it would be funny to have it in the game, so I dismantled an EA bike and created one. Not exactly a garden sculpture but that's how this set started.

We have so far two obelisk, the broken statue, the 'steer' head sculpture, two glass cloche (for those of you who may not be familiar with the term, it's also called a bell jar - used as a portable green house for seedlings and now, more seen as decor), an oxalis seedling, a gazing sphere, a tall garden (what I am calling a) finial, a tree specimen plaque (also good for museums and sculpture), a clock that not only works - it glows, a glowing sphere sculpture, a fountain . . . . today I worked on a lantern . . . . I have a few more ideas . . . . picture spam to follow in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . .

Close up of the obelisk and specimen plaque
So this is the modern sculpture with glowing side - it's based on a real sculpture
You can see the clock better in this shot
Fountain, cloches, specimen plaque
Obelisk, specimen plaque, sphere finial, gazing sphere, part of the fountain
New as of today, this is during the trials . . . . 
Most of the objects also have a mossy distressed style - you can just see the steer head too
Keep in mind - this is from an EA mesh - it's relatively small
One of my favorite plants in real life - a purple oxalis with a cloche
So you can see it's a mixture of new and old - much like how I have things in my real life. For the longest time I could say my newest possession was my computer. Prior to that it would have been my stereo. So I have a couple more ideas - I have had this idea for a door for the longest time and I have been collecting images to work from but it has been done a couple of times already - the most recent would be by the good folks over at Land of Woe - it's a warehouse door that slides - often seen in barns or old industrial buildings. The one that I have been wanting to make is a fire door - the track is actually at an angle and it's counter-weighted. Generally speaking - these would be seen more as two doors to prevent any sort of fire getting through.

While it really doesn't seem to have much to do with a garden and it was just recently done by someone else, it may go into a future build set. I have a lot of doors that I think are missing from the game. Not so much a window person - other people have done them better, but eventually I will get to meshing a door set. So many sets are just sitting in wait while I finish this latest one. The mirror set took the back shelf as I was getting frustrated with the oxidation problem of the Venetian mirror. I also have the 2x3 rugs that need to be re-released that are the smaller versions of the 4x3 rug sets and I have picture sets that are just sitting around waiting for 'finishing' meshes that will be along the lines of the 'Ephemera' set only a little larger in scale (at least in part - remember the fish picture?).

What? Laika? She's fine. The little darling peed all over my beautiful yellow sofa and then proceeded to sit in it while she nibbled at her rope toy. So to the tune of $262 we had it cleaned and guess what? She pissed all over it again. Fun stuff that. I have to drive the cushions up to Marietta tomorrow so they can soak for ten days in a solution. I can't wait. You know how much I love driving in this city. So - here's some Laika picture spam, cos I know how much you love it:

Arty 2
I love this picture - she was half asleep if you can't tell.
Yes, that's her tongue . . . she'll probably start drooling next.
Did you know she runs to me after eating and burps in my face?
OH! It's Katie at the vets . . . she had a nasty ear infection poor thing. Doesn't she look thrilled?

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