Thursday, June 30, 2011

okay - even more.

I need to just apologize for posting so much about a set that has yet to be released. It is often that I have the game in pause mode for hours when I set up a screen shot. For whatever reason I did not this time and I got to see these items at dusk - it's crazy beautiful the lighting and how the glass just about glows in game . . . so . . . more (moar) picture spam.

You are also going to see a new object that I am absolutely nuts about. NUTS.

The glow on the glass took me entirely by surprise
I love the subtle sheen on the front fountain
Yay! Glowing!
A star lantern 
This is something I never thought I could actually mesh due to the strange angles 


  1. Hallo dear Baufive,

    i really love your creations. They have something special, something like ... hm class, style, original. Since i am a sims3 building junkie, and as i read that there are often problems, i wanted to ask you if you mind if i use your items in my uploads of lots on of course free, non-pay sites? I dont know where else to ask, thats why i write here.

  2. hi cc0800e4-c53a-11e0-abc8-000bcdcb8a73 - I have my Terms of Use posted at the Studio - I really just ask that if you are going to include my objects in an upload, that you credit the site and link back to the site/object in the post with your download.

    I think the majority of creators really just want recognition for their work. I have seen house downloads that disregard these requests or credit one or two sites and leave the rest out and it can be deflating. I appreciate your asking. Usually I find out something is being credited by link backs and it's always interesting to see what people are doing!

  3. Ups sorry, i did not notice this site gave me such a funny code name ;)

    Sorry now you said it i found your terms of use.

    You know, i am new to all this uploading, thats why i prefer to be careful. I can well understand its depressing seing your creations without you are mentioned as creator. But, sorry for my rusted english, what is linking back? Does it mean to just put a link to your site? I found out some sites dont allow it (or i am to much of a lamer to find out how to do it)

    Thank you very much anyway for permission, Caroline aka nevercrywoman :)

  4. Hi nevercrywoman - you don't like cc0800e4-c53a-11e0-abc8-000bcdcb8a73 as a name? I had to wonder how it was pronounced!

    Linking back - meaning linking to the site or to the object that has been included so the viewer can look at the original post.

    It really depends on if you are including the object or telling your viewers to go and download something that was in your download, but that they would need in their game to show up. I think if you use sim3pack it will export with the house, but if you are like me and use package files, then you'd need to direct your readers to the exact item.

    Hope that helps :)

  5. Hi Bau, pssst, cc0800e4-c53a-11e0-abc8-000bcdcb8a73 is a code name, top secret undercover and stuff, not supposed to be pronounced at all :D

    YES, that helped me alot, thank you very much for the information. So I through out the packs again, reinstall the packages, and just put a link where to download all this nice stuff, right?

    Thanks and have a nice evening, no probably morning in your part of the world. Nevercrywoman

  6. Hi Bau,

    so my answer from last night disappeard :( ...

    cc0800e4-c53a-11e0-abc8-000bcdcb8a73 is a code name and as such of course shouldn't be pronounced at all, top secret undercover you know :D

    YES, your information is very helpful! :)

    So, i will throw out again the packs which I installed yesterday, install the packages instead and add a link so people can come here and fill their downloads folders with all the other things they may find here :)

  7. Hi Nevercrywoman - either way is fine , but thanks - that's as good a solution as any :) I look forward to seeing what you're doing . . .