Thursday, June 30, 2011

More . . . or moar.

Okay. This is me - what the fuck is moar? So I googled it. More and Roar. MOAR! Okay - enough said. I stand edjumakated. While I have never professed to be cool, I am usually a little more on the ball when it comes to fancy lingo. I'm a hep cat . . . right? (snapping my fingers 1,2 . . . . 3 . . 4). Look at me go. That's me on the dance floor too. So smooth.

This is just a little more picture spam of the upcoming set. I have redone some textures on the fountain, though the tiling of the patterns needs a bit more work. Each of the larger sculptural items has a 'mossy' texture too so I needed to update the fountain. This fountain is actually inspired by a real fountain at the garden center I go to Garden Hood. It's in the hood, yo. Very cool shop if you are ever here - unique plants and the staff are extremely sweet and knowledgeable, but I digress . . . while my fountain looks basically nothing like their cool fountain (it had to fit the feel of this set too), the idea is the same. Center pottery urn with a low force bubbler in the center . . . which I could not replicate given the fountains in the game - the animations simply do not exist. Nor can you add a bubbler to the center with the fountain pieces - they need to be on the ground. They will not sit on an OMSP.  How utterly useless.

Three styles of the fountain - the front one looks closest to the real thing
So the lantern was looking a little heavy from what I had thought I wanted - it has had a very simple modification and this is how I envisioned it in my head.

MOAR pics. Please know that I will not be using the term moar seriously until it enters the Oxford English Dictionary - OED for those in the know - D'OH!
Better image of the clock
Better image of the steer sculpture outside among other objects
I wanted to see what the cloche would sit on - surprise - it's the table from the salvaged set.
I do love the glass effect in game - it's pretty stunning.

Photo Credit: Alex Pilgrim - Alex has been kind enough to test a lot of these items in game for me.

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