Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Let the cold winds blow

I have been thinking about the different things that one could have in their kitchen set. All sorts of counters have been created and I don't think I would have anything new to offer other than to say that 'oh - this is something I made' but the reality is - the counters that interest me have already been created by others and rather well too. What do I want out of my dream kitchen . . . I like vintage and have always lived in vintage, but really - if I could build it from the ground up - it would be modern and industrial. Industrial is clean and functional and utilitarian. While I do like embellishments in my vintage world, an industrial stove doesn't need to have curves and architectural elements on it to make it cook better. In my humble, yet correct, opinion - Exotic Elements created the stove for a modern and industrial kitchen. Heidi would tell you that the poly count is high, but I say polys be damned - it's gorgeous and something I would expect to see in the overpriced loft of a chef. In my vintage homes I have a few stoves that I gravitate to, but for my modern homes - I don't even know why I have others in my CC folders - I simply don't use them.

I needed an industrial refrigerator though. Sub Zero is the name most people think of when they think of cool commercial refrigerator units . . . their price dangling somewhere in the area of $14,000 for a simple model. I'll take two, right? Pfft. In my dreams. Now I don't want to say that I have created a refrigerator that is the industrial refrigerator, but I am pleased with the outcome. I think if I were to start this project again right now I would approach it completely different, but that is the magic of meshing - you never seem to tackle something the same way - even paintings I always change the way I work one up.

Lookie there! The step stool, the fridge, and Heidi's amazing stove
This was one of the more complicated meshes but not probably for the obvious reasons. When I try a new project, I am trying to think of better and more efficient ways to lower polys and this was no different. All included this is just over 1000 polys for a full fridge. Then breaking each shape down so it can fit into one of the 32 smoothing groups was a bit confusing . . . but after all is said and done - this was relatively easy - just time consuming with a few snafus. What was the biggest challenge is how the interior of the refrigerator is lit. It's a group called 'full bloom' meaning - the whole thing glows. There is no documentation on how to alter this and that is where it can become time consuming. You cannot see the results of minor tweaks in workshop - you have to import it into the game over and over and over again. It's really soul sucking work because half the time you can't see if anything has altered and worse - with some objects you need to reclone it over and over again as the changes being made cannot be seen due to cache memory in the game. It's about now that you're thinking - oh that's easy! Just clear the cache. No. Two weeks from now I would still be generating new icons for my game and it would take four days just to find my object in game.

Anyway - that said - I am pleased with the outcome - it is out for testing now and hopefully it will be well received. While I would have liked to offer variations to the interior - each overlay adds a significant amount of file size so this will have the one style option for the inside.

On a completely different topic, if you haven't heard, there is a new sims forum and I have to say - it's really a fun one at that. The Sims Daily is a new forum from some of the LivingSims alum. While I love LivingSims for the design aspect and all things objects, sometimes you just want to let your hair down and do so in a place where you all have something in common - no restrictions on said topic. I don't have personal experience with the forums at say the official site, but when I have run across a problem and I am forced to deal with said forum, I find I pinch the bridge of my nose a lot while shaking my head and closing my eyes. Deep breath . . . let it out . . . another? Yup. Better? No . . . but thank god for The Sims Daily. I know there are a number of forums out there and I can't vouch for all of them, but this one is truly fun and welcoming, so I highly endorse it.

Okay - back to the kitchen with me - happy simmin'


  1. Oh, be still my beating heart! I CAN'T wait for that one!

    Very nicely written pimpage there. Still with the warm and fuzzy but not from the booze this time ;-p

  2. Out for testing? Pick me! Pick me!

    All sillyness aside, judging from that preview that is one hell of a fridge that'll surely be overused in my game. I too like modern, clean, industrial kitchens (to be honest you can give me modern, clean and industrial any day) and a fridge that fits the profile has simply been lacking from that picture.

    Until now.

    Ok, maybe until a little while from now but you get what I'm saying! Moreover, that step stool is simply a-ma-zing as well! I'd even buy that for my actual home if only I had a bar!

    Simply stunning work as always Eric, I can't wait for it to be officially released!


  3. Honestly - the two of you just totally made my day - I have been beating my head against the wall with various problems in workshop and then I got your very nice comments and I melted a bit - so thank you :)

    Dee - my god I have fun at Sims Daily - I will happily pimp it - I just need to find my big fur hat.

    phyre - you may regret offering to test items (insert evil laughter here) cos I will fill your mailbox!

  4. Oh.



    Number One: I love this fridge. I want it. Please to give it to Webby - when it's done. ;)

    Number Two: You are the bomb, sweetie, for your lovely words about TSD! Kisses from all of us. ;)

  5. Aw Webby - SimsDaily rocks! I love that forum - so much fun :) You guys really have a good thing on your hands there!

    I hope to have this set out by weeks end . . . every step of the way has been a challenge - hoped to have it out a while back! hehe