Monday, August 22, 2011

Laika and the Shakers

While I am busy at work on a new set(s) I am taking a tiny break to present some photos of the irrepressible Laika, whom I spend the majority of my day with now. She's a whopping 34 pounds now! She doubled in size since we found her. When people talk about their children I am like 'I know - I found this dog and she's . . .'  and they're all looking at me like 'uh, that's a dog' and I am looking back at them thinking 'you need to ditch that child and get you a dog'

My internal voice is sounding more and more southern . . . y'all's.

Let the spam commence:

Myspace angle . . .

This is often how I see her when she jumps at my face.
Isn't this pathetic? This is when she stayed at Wag-A-Lot for the day which is great for her socially, but she does tend to follow the attendants around instead of mingling with new friends . . .
She is about to get a treat . . . but she has to give her paw first.
See her marcel wave down her back?
crazed sped child.



Oh yeah - and a little sneak peek at what's to come . . .
Based on the real ones I found in rural GA many years ago . . .
Kah-kah-kah-Kitchen! (sung to the tune of the lowly Chia pet jingle)


  1. laika is so adorable. and such a ladylike hairstyling ♥

    i can totally understand if you talk about her like your child.

    thanks for the pictures eric, you are lucky that you live in the usa or i'd just sneak in and steal her.

    the salt and pepper set is adorable, cant wait to get it :)

  2. Aw thanks! We had a celebrity hairdresser stop by to fix her hair for that shot! haha

    Honestly we both get misty when we talk about her - she really is like a child to us :)