Thursday, August 25, 2011

Modern Love

I think we're all grown ups here - so when I say I am having a love affair with my latest mesh - it shouldn't even phase you. I think reality television has pretty much made our skins a little tougher.

Well - you know I am working on kitchen stuff, and it's not moving as quickly as I had hoped, but I am really loving how things are turning out . . . well sort of. I have so far encountered a few strange problems with the shakers which have been addressed and they are out for testing, but the next item - mmm . . . when I moved this from New England to Arizona (long story) I thought it had broken as I saw raw edges, but the foot 'cap' had fallen off and the angle in which it had tilted (the whole freight car was a jumbled mess that surprisingly nothing broke) it appeared to have snapped in two. I broke out in a cold sweat and nearly burst into tears crying out like I was in some overly dramatic movie 'Nooooooooooo!' Anyway . . . I love this thing - I have never in my travels seen another like it and the simple design is really quite ingenious.

Steps up - as a stool
Steps down - still testing - possibly an end table if a stool won't animate correctly.
I had to take a bit of creative license to keep the polys below 1200 - the legs are slightly different in real life but pretty much it's as close as I could get it to the real McCoy. It would be really nice if we could program these things to 'work' like they are supposed to - having the steps animate would be really quite neat. I need to get a better photo of the real one, but you get the idea . . . still sorting through ideas to create for the whole set - it probably won't be a large set - more a continuation of the original kitchen set.

**Edit - it's 2:00 EST - Just in from taking Laika to the dog park - she's so damned cute!

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