Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Couple of notes on the HOLD IT set

Perhaps it's a silly name for a set - but these items hold things. The books hold information, the cabinets hold items, the mugs hold a drink (and a few, if bittersweet, memories). These cabinets will act like WA chests so they can hold your items too in game - nifty huh? Something with a door and a shelf would actually function (if not in animation, then in practice).

The books. The original was based on a cookbook so the standing ones are called Books to Cook. I realized upon their completion that they looked nothing like real cookbooks (well, not your run of the mill cookbooks - I have a few cookbooks that look like this in my collection) but their name remains. The ones that lay down are a little more tongue in cheek in their description and title.

These have two slots - one for the small book and one for the large - as so:
well wouldja look at that!
You can thank Jenba for giving me the idea (albeit, what - a year an a half ago? It was about the time of the refrigerator). Jenba has been a goddess - testing and being a sounding board for many of my creations and ideas. I was contemplating a 'studio' set - something like my office - at the time, and she said something along the lines of 'Oh - you know what would be cool ...' and there you go. The idea was born - I just couldn't seem to get off my lily white to get it done - until now.

What's cool about having an item with slots - you can put the first item onto a different slot and the items stacked on it move with it. It's sort of a cheat for getting the look you want without needing to use OMSP. The slot thinks it's one item - little does it know!

So - here's how you do it - you might already know this trick, but for those who don't:
Takes a very steady hand!
Then - when you are ready to place the book row to the slot (counter, shelf, cabinet - whatever) - 'grab' the first book - the one you started with - and simply drag it to the slot - the whole row of books goes with it. Fancy, eh?
Woosh! Are these things magic? Amaze your friends!
The book that lays on its side also has a slot so you can stack books - or put a fancy cup on top of your stack of books. Hmm - if only you had a fancy mug . . . you know . . . that also stacks.

So - the Jelly Cabinet. I haven't really ever told the story behind the cabinet. Someone owed me $80 and in lieu of giving me cash - they gave me what I coveted: stuff. So I brought home the ugly painted, cat urine stinking, broken glass door cabinet and stripped the paint. It appears to have been painted with a casein  paint - or milk paint - that is almost impossible to remove . . . but who cares? It's stunning as is. Upon seeing it, my mum said that she could picture it painted a particular way, but she agreed that this was the proper finish for it - raw. I took it to someone to repair (the legs seemed to have been kicked out from under it at one point) and he dated it to 1800. Said the legs were from an early icebox probably around 1921. He said that it would be significantly nicer if the legs were removed. I said: no way. I left it with him to repair and (seriously) a year later I still didn't have my cabinet back. Upon arriving at his workshop, I notice that he was using it as his tool chest. [block your ears here if you are easily offended] Mutherfucker! [okay, cursing has stopped] My father said he'd try fixing it and then proceeded to do that same thing (but I wasn't paying him). The cabinet is in its original condition - sans the paint (and stinky cat pee) and I wouldn't change a thing today. I love it. It sits in my dining room.

You might recognize that tan chair and that dress form too . . .
Some of the crazy things I have collected (and kept) - I have a 'thing' for creepy cute.
This is close to the real one. Minor changes to keep a visual balance and to keep the polys down (the hinges are different for instance). Each shelf has 9 slots. The entire piece has 47 slots - including 3 underneath (every time I went to put something under it - the item would jump to a slot on the shelf above) to help with your every need.

best place to keep a radio - three of them in fact
You'll notice that the back has minor gaps and that is intentional. I wanted this to be as close to the original as I could - so gaps were included between the boards.
In workshop
In game
Hope you enjoy this set as much as I enjoyed pulling it together. I am in the middle of another project at the moment. Some feedback on one item already has me scratching my head, but no worries . . . no no, you don't worry your pretty little face. Let me get grey for you.



  1. Love the books so much. Keep up the great work!

  2. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! I just love, love, love, this cabinet, as I love and adore all your MAGNIFICENT, glorious creations, out-of -this-world stuff, the the BEST.... Thank you sooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big big HUGS, kisses, love you.