Thursday, July 08, 2010

Make that "Last Bounty"

Well, we didn't witness it, but we certainly heard it. Being that the house is brick we didn't even really feel it per se. A tree fell across our entire back yard. Hasn't rained, no rot that we could see; we've even made peace with the squirrels to a degree so we can't even blame them (though I still might give them the hairy eyeball).

Here I am communing with nature . . . .

4:45 am we are awakened to the sound of a snap crackle and thud. Chris asks me if I heard that and I say 'a tree just fell down' and he says "Yeah, but did you hear that?" There is something to be said for slumber logic.

I call the insurance company and they are really not that helpful. If it isn't inside the house they really can't do much about it. I had better be in good hands Allstate.

They have filed a claim and I am waiting to call them to find out my next step and exactly what is covered as I have heard so many nightmare stories about acts of god (what if you don't believe in the same god?) and lack of coverage. When I got insurance on the house I wanted to make sure it was a good policy. My idea of good and what they sold me may not match up and I am just waiting to find that out now. What if the deductible is ridiculously high? With the many furlough days, I may as well say I had a 10 - 20% pay cut depending on what week we're talking about. That's already on a obscenely low wage for a skilled position. RAR!

Tree making friends with ground
Chris, in the chaos, found the time to garden.

What kills me most is all the work we did on the back yard that is now in shambles. I can repair the house, I cannot bring back the 20 tomato plants, the stars and moon watermelon plant (we had 2 growing), the sad little carrots, the squash or the jalapeno pepper plant. Double RAR!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

To CASt or not to CASt

Well, if you've downloaded one of the rugs I have uploaded at b5studio, then you have probably encountered the problem of switching between the (usually) 12 styles easily. They don't have a pattern and on some systems that can be a major problem - the game freaks out and a big orange arrow points at the different styles and announces that you can't change the pattern. Wah wah!

It has been a source of frustration and I don't really know how to fix it other than to add a pattern. So, I am asking some of you to download a new test rug - it's ugly as sin - has 5 styles (contemporary - ever wonder why I only had seven in the original? - me too!) at a whopping 5 simoleons. When you see it you'll understand why. I probably will never release any of these (well, I do sort of like that blue/green one) in a set, so keep it if you want - it's just a test file to me.

The dig is, I need feedback - I don't know if this helps YOUR game. Thing is - in my game I can still switch patterns between the rugs even with the big orange arrow and the ominous message. Once the patterns have loaded (usually loads Fabrics) I am still able to switch between the different style rugs. This is not how I normally choose the style I want - I usually do that in buy mode and yes, it takes a bloody long time.

If this helps your game, then I will go back and re-edit every single rug file I have uploaded to allow you to RE-download the CASt-able file. It won't change the look of anything - it will just have a white pattern (Miscellaneous patterns) under the image of the rug - won't affect the look at all.

Please - your feedback is necessary so please post a comment here if it works better for you.

Download the file HERE

Monday, July 05, 2010

First bounty

Will you look at that?
(technically it's the second bounty
if you count the peas)

Friday, July 02, 2010

Could it be?

Hopefully, this weekend I will be able to pull together the biological chart set that I have been planning now for a while. I am pleased with the mesh - especially being that it is a first mesh for me - one from scratch. As disappointed as I was that I was unable to use the mesh I found at ATS3, it forced me to actually take a bolder step in Milkshape, and while I still think their product is superior,I like mine a little more due to the vintage feel of it. A cylinder, a few boxes, and borrowing (but still changing) from objects on sites that mention free use for the handle and hanging mechanism (no, I haven't figured out how to make curves, well nice ones anyway) and presto - it's a wall chart.

The things that were bothering me originally I was able to mend this afternoon. I had attempted to make from scratch a hanger and sadly, none of the tutorials talk about how to make something entirely from scratch. I was able to figure out the preset shapes and how to alter them easily enough - it was using the vertex and face buttons that, although I have a pretty good idea of how to make a shape, I had no idea as to how to render it into one of the 'materials'. I have a long way to go, but I guess three times a charm for this project. The caps were as I suspected - a one ended cylinder, but when the mesh went through UV Mapper, it for some reason made a lot more sense - the shapes were a little clearer and I am not entirely sure why. I suspect I will get the pro version, just because it seems easier, sometime down the road. Being able to clearly see the shape allows me to apply an image to the cap of a distressed metal and have it look a little better.

Not that anyone is going to be dying for this mesh, but really, if someone does want it - they can use it for whatever - I just want some sort of little credit/link or something.