Saturday, June 19, 2010

I am getting motion sickness with the steps backwards and forwards.

Still struggling away with Milkshape - in trying to pull together a new set, I attempted to reshape an existing EA frame to be narrow but tall. What I ended up with were two wide sticks at the top and bottom and two narrow sticks at the side (stick in framers lingo would be the frame sides, but you knew that). Not my expected results and I am forced to pass on one portion of the set for the moment as I don't like the alternative frame that would actually work for size but not for look (the Noir frame) but I am too stupid currently to figure out a solution.
I did however make a huge step forward. One of the things that I do not like about 'canvas' meshes is that you cannot apply many styles to them. By design, most people make them unchangeable which does make sense on the one hand - you wouldn't want to pattern the edges and back necessarily. I approached it like one of the rugs - it doesn't need a pattern but it could use multiple overlays. WARNING: tech speak - I cloned the Mission painting but applied a Simpossible canvas mesh and inserted new multiplier, mask, and specular layers which allows it to be altered in TSW to have multiple overlays. Hu-fucking-zzah. I am tired of having umpteen different canvas meshes because I like the shape but could not merge them - now I know how to work around that and insert the missing portions to allow multiple images. This also allows me to release everything in both formats once I get everything converted. Not that I am a fan of the sim3pack, but there are those who simply will not download something because they don't like package files. This smacks of the age old argument: toilet tissue over or under which clearly half of you are wrong about.

Given this huge step forward (for me) I have pulled together yet another esoteric set of images that in my head are quite lovely and connected, but the download numbers will soon tell just how popular they are. That Korean Instructional 'DDT' image is simply misunderstood - no one wants to download it. Perhaps I am too liberal in my ideas of what art actually is. I will say that when I am holding a glitter encrusted chicken bone at work and I am shrieking 'Is this ART?' some may get the idea that I am actually rigid on this subject. Bah. I would like to thank R.Mutt for expanding my horizons.


  1. R.Mutt is my main man.

    Well, not really. But I would totally have hopped in bed with Duchamp.... Er... Mutt.

    Enough of the slutty art speak. I'm glad things are (kind of) working out for you. Awesome new work, either way.

  2. Hi Epifight - Duchamp is/was a bit swoon worthy - that period of time in art was exceptionally exciting. I even have an original recording of his - don't know if this is of any interest to you but check this link out: - the first disc mentioned I found many years ago and although it doesn't come out that often for a listen, it's still fascinating every time I hear it.

    I need to update and confess my utter stupidity after watching a video tutorial (for the 12th time) and hearing for the first x/y/z buttons and it was like someone turned on the lights. Yup, I am that dumb. Duchamp in his brilliance would have passed my drooling self up for a turnip.