Friday, June 11, 2010

Creation . . . celebration?

It should be mentioned that I am a self confessed heat wimp. Come winter, I will remind you that I am a cold wimp, too. Should I ever be graced with hair again, it will be long curly gold tresses with ribbons and I will have an insatiable appetite for porridge. It's true. I am fickle when it comes to temperature. I am wearing shorts to work (when it's not another blessed furlough day [ahem, today {hello! Mortgage!}]) and a hoodie because I get overheated with jeans, but cold because of a tee shirt. You feel sorry for me, I know - so sad. I mention any of this because I was reminded that I have yet to update on my garden. In fact, I will be tending this very garden myself all next week . . . alone . . . in the heat of Atlanta . . . shoot me now.

The garden project was one that I had wanted to start for a long time. Upon completing stage one as I like to call it (Chris disagrees on the number of stages and if there are stages at all), I was contented. Carefully watering so as not to over water and to help the new plants adjust to their new home. Everything was filling out just fine but - what is this? I didn't plant that. (you should be hearing the music from Psycho - the shower scene - about now)

The weed. By definition, it's a plant you do not want. That could be a prized rose bush for some or a thorny mess to others. These however appear to be everyone's bane. Crab grass? pfff. thh. tss. khu. chu. Hate it. Worse, the weeds seem to be growing faster than the plants.

But - that makes it sound like this project was a failure. In fact - we're elated. I can blow torch the damned weeds . . . but here are just a couple of photos to show you the progress of our work. A true album will be culled together - hopefully post weeds:
Yarrow and Euphorbia
Coneflower and Thai Basil
Gaura and Lime Basil
Coreopsis and Boris Avens
Mortgage Lifter Tomato
Stars and Moon Watermelon
Raised beds - Peas, Tomatos; Squash in ground pots
Rue and Mexican Heather in foreground
Chris opening a pea pod
I am holding the peas (look at me go)

Sadly we've had a couple of snafus. The spinach was growing nicely but started looking strange. It grew tall? Who knew spinach did that? It was nice as baby spinach, but bitter as hell as an adult. My god, I have something in common with the spinach plant . . .  I too am tall.

The carrots were eaten by some unseen beastie. The peas, through sweet and delicious, never grew to their stated 48" height. Maybe 18" at best? And now they are all dying as fast as we can pick the peas. I had thought (there I go thinking again) that we might see a second harvest. 

Currently we're debating whether or not to grow more things or let those raised beds go for the rest of the season. I personally am voting for planting. Chris is on the fence. This could be in part to one little factoid: I have this thing against heat (see above) and he would need to tend to this matter solo . . .

On a different note, I might be sewing this week. I might be working on more Sim 3 stuff. I did take some dandy photos of fish prints at work. I love them, and they are selling, and they are irreplaceable - I can't have them but perhaps my sims can. I want to work on more rugs but honestly - this is the week I attempt to teach myself Milkshape. Not Milkshake as I had thought - I don't know if that would be attractive anyway.


  1. Your garden looks amazing. I love the good feeling that accompanies being able to live off the land. I just got my first strawberries! I'm so happy. As for the weeds, it could be the hidden sadist in me, but I love ripping things out of the dirt; that tearing sound of the roots being unearthed gives me a smile. And it makes me feel like a super hero. Oh no! The weeds are re-grouping! I'll save you, garden!

    On another note, I've been meaning to try milkshape out. I figure if I can sculpt 3D, a computer program shouldn't be so hard... But I've heard some pretty discouraging stories. I hope you're able to figure it out.

  2. Hi Epifight - thank you for your kind words about the garden - it's amazing how good something looks when you edit a photo haha . . . those weeds will be the death of me and I am like a candle in an oven in this Atlanta heat! Boo! Perhaps I should adjust my mindset - I like your stance as super hero better!

    Milkshape . . . my god - I sometimes think to myself that I am too old for this stuff. I can understand a great deal of technobabble, but this is really a bit heady for me - perhaps it is the third dimension . . . if it will make me feel better, I will need to believe it : ) The one major downside is that you absolutely need to pay for it in order to try it out . . . rats!

  3. Really? I pirated mine (shhh don't tell).

    Have you tried looking for a torrent? I'm very cheap, especially if I'm not going to be using a program that often. But whats cool is that almost everything in digital form can be found for free in the darkest corners of the internet.

    I'd download Utorrent (it's free!) and do a search for Milkshape at a search site, like ScrapeTorrent.

    Ok, ok, I'm a bad influence, but like I said, I am not about to dish out hundreds of dollars for a program I don't even know how to use, and won't be using in a business/working for profit type situation.

    Besides all the pirate talk, I give you kudos for living in such a hot state. In the Netherlands it's so warm, but because of the flatness it's always windy. Not to mention the earth here is something to soil over (har, har, bad humor!).

    But your garden seems to be very happy. I can only assume it's grateful for your heroic actions.

  4. I'm not telling a soul! hehe - I purchased it already - when I realized I couldn't do anything with it, I bought the registration - I will eventually crack it - although 'it' could be my head against a wall given my current comprehension of the damned program!

    As for the heat - my god, today it reached a heat index of 101. They say it's not the heat - it's the humidity and I would agree, but damn it - anything over 90: it's the heat . . . the humidity is just the insult after the injury. I will wait until it gets darker before watering the plants!