Sunday, June 27, 2010

a Eureka moment

I am starting to understand how to alter meshes a little bit more - a very good thing. I have finally created my first mesh and this is laughable because all it is, is a rug.
A four sided plane on which an overlay sits. I know - mildly pathetic that I should be so happy, but it is a huge step for me - I am starting to understand (we're talking half a baby step) just a little bit more about how milkshape works. I have been able to alter existing meshes (paintings) for more what I need them to do - I still need to understand the UV mapper as one simply cannot adjust the shapes in UV mapper and have it work well on the mesh - that's a whole different issue and the reason there is not series 4 for the Paint By Numbers series.

While this is a big step forward, it still is many miles before I can create something from scratch that is a dynamic shape. I had found on Around the Sims 3 a beautiful school map - one of those pull down charts that you may remember from Elementary school or University if you went to an older one . . . anyway - I was very excited that I would be able to alter the mesh and hopefully get permission to release the file (with big credits of course) but tonight (after emailing last night) I noticed in very tiny letters by the copyright that she asks that people do not alter or use her meshes. Well crap. Doubt she'll write me back given the question was answered albeit in small letters. Now I am left to either learn to mesh for a future project OR find a sim2 mesh that I can translate to sim3 which I am sure is no easy task either. What I am hoping to do is something like what is pictured right.

So if you happen to know of such a mesh, please, take pity on me and let me know : )

Step forward, step backwards. Cha cha cha.


  1. While my game loads, I'm browsing my 700 sim bookmarks to see if there are any comparable meshes from sims2. It's a unique mesh. Has she said no? I can't even find that mesh from her site. Great I started out looking and now I'm downloading guitar pedals :/
    Oh look, sims2 carpets-
    -I like the dragon and tiger ones
    gtg, sorry for my A.D.D., blame the heat wave!

  2. I have seen a few things I wouldn't mind converting from Sims 2 - I collect antique telephones in real life and wouldn't mind a few in my game. I can only imagine the process involved in a conversion - clearly it's not that easy as I think we'd have an obscene amount of content by now.

    She never said no, but she never said yes. That tiny disclaimer by her copyright was overlooked - I was looking in the questions area which isn't very clear either - she says something like 'you can't do that just like that' as a complete thought and I think the translation doesn't sync - it probably makes perfect sense in her native tongue. I thoroughly respect that she doesn't want others to copy her stuff. While I am learning, if someone wants to take something I have done and screw with it - great, all the power to them. I just would like a little credit.

  3. I can have a look at the disclaimer, I'm french.
    This comment was written before it sunk it that you were making your own mesh from scratch and you know what? I think it's a better skillset to learn to make your own rather than to clone other works. It will provide deeper understanding of the mechanics in the long run.