Saturday, May 29, 2010

Creation frustration.

Trying to finish up a project so I can move forward with my personal tutelage on object creation for sims 3. I know - you think me a geek and I stand before you guilty. Je suis accusé!

In my life I have worked with color - school, work, home - I have even helped others with color (god, I am such a good person). So imagine my surprise when I finished my Oriental Rug project (series 1 anyway) and attempted to take photos and I could not tell the rugs apart. It was 12 icons that looked identical. I should have my eyes gouged from my head for such a misstep.
Honestly, this shouldn't take as long as it is, but I hope for it to be worth the wait. Between the color crime, the programs penchant for acting up (yes, I am speaking of you TSW), and Sims 3 cache problems, I am many hours into this process. I believe this is done with the exception of the pictures . . . we'll see.

hmmm . . . Oriental Rugs . . . that just smacks of political incorrectness . . . moving on:

Happy Memorial Day. I will probably not step out of the house on Monday - I understand that zombies eat those who mistook the day as the beginning of summer. Silly rabbits.


  1. OK - I just read your blogs - nice. v. nice. Made me laugh, and I hope your creative frustration is resolved!

    The garden is awesome - I hope you will post more pictures as it matures.

    Oh and Hi! from Melbourne, Australia.

  2. Hi celebkiriedhel - sorry for my delayed response - I want to thank you for your post, but mostly for your reminder to update my garden photos (to post shortly) . . . weeds abound!