Saturday, May 29, 2010

Creation frustration.

Trying to finish up a project so I can move forward with my personal tutelage on object creation for sims 3. I know - you think me a geek and I stand before you guilty. Je suis accusé!

In my life I have worked with color - school, work, home - I have even helped others with color (god, I am such a good person). So imagine my surprise when I finished my Oriental Rug project (series 1 anyway) and attempted to take photos and I could not tell the rugs apart. It was 12 icons that looked identical. I should have my eyes gouged from my head for such a misstep.
Honestly, this shouldn't take as long as it is, but I hope for it to be worth the wait. Between the color crime, the programs penchant for acting up (yes, I am speaking of you TSW), and Sims 3 cache problems, I am many hours into this process. I believe this is done with the exception of the pictures . . . we'll see.

hmmm . . . Oriental Rugs . . . that just smacks of political incorrectness . . . moving on:

Happy Memorial Day. I will probably not step out of the house on Monday - I understand that zombies eat those who mistook the day as the beginning of summer. Silly rabbits.

Monday, May 24, 2010


What's better than a new area rug? How about seven fabulous area rugs at a mere $52 each? Wow, right? If only you were a sim. Man, that's like a full body rug burn at best.

I wish I could understand this file. I attempted to clone an EA rug and use the stencil feature but it simply would not allow me to do that. Looking over the file - it must have something hidden or turned off as when you simply turn off the pattern, it leaves a big white rectangle with a small stencil sitting atop it.

Me no get.

That being said, I had downloaded (along with the rest of the pilfering community) one of Pilar's fabulous creations at SimControl. I was able to replace her stencils for those of my own and although I am happy with the results, I still wish to know how it was created. I swear there is an extension cord unplugged in my head somewhere.

Anyway - the results are as follows:

I will be working on an oriental rug package as well as a kilim rug package. In my own home I only have kilims. Not only are they beautiful and well crafted, the cat has taken a liking to them too and will only vomit on them. I tell her I own the floors too but she is discriminating. Bastard.


I don't expect people to really care about my thought process. You simfolk are a curious bunch - all hopped up on custom content - you really need to seek help. That's why I am opening b5Studio. I won't be your regular candy man - there are so many other sites for that. No - I will bring to you what I like myself. If you don't want it - there is just more for me.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Well, it's official. My first Sims 3 object upload. I have already hit my computer with champagne, though, I should probably have considered that a little bit more thoroughly. Now the cat is drunk and I cut myself picking up glass shards.

She might be a little bit country and he might be a little bit rock and roll, but perhaps your sim is a little bit gothic or at least the tiniest bit morose . . . no? Anyway . . . here we have some images via the x-ray. Vintage ephemera from some forgotten book depicting man and nature at its finest. Three different images that take up two tiles (centered) and would look fine in your sims home - gothic, academic, perverted - whatever. Fine art cures all. Archivally framed with rag mats and UV glass. Thank god you can change that frame to whatever material you want . . . oak is a little bit country and you're a little bit . . . um, okay, moving on . . .

Then we have life life drawings . . . most by famous artists doing what they need to do - draw, interpret, capture, and covet. You've heard me talking about it. Your anticipation was palpable. Well, your wait is over . . . nine different images all wrapped up into one file. New frame design by yours truly, carved pixel by pixel.

This is part one in a series of classic artists depicting the human form. This is the male file. I am still collecting images for the female file. I suspect that your sims will be overjoyed to own an original Cezanne or Bouguereau - call it intuition. Each image is floated to show the edges of the paper. Mats match the color of the paper to understate the framing and to focus on the art. Kudos me. I should have been a framer. Oh, I am a framer. Oh god, why did I break that bottle of champagne? I need something to dull the pain of knowing how long I have been framing . . . .

Download the x-ray images HERE.

Download the male life drawings HERE.

No artists were harmed in the creation of these files. All images composed by the now metabolically challenged.  I need to also say that I don't own WinRar - I own 7-zip which can open a rar file but not create them. Where not everyone can open a zip file, I have chosen to not compress these files. Consider getting 7-zip - it's a great program. Oh, and please, leave a comment for me, would'ja?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Facebook SUCKS.

Someone has hacked my facebook account - I deactivated it and they reactivated it. If you are reading this - change your password - A LOT. Facebook sucks. You can never truly delete your account and your privacy is compromised almost daily as they change their terms of use. They are aiding identity theft and need to be stopped. If you absolutely must continue to use this horrific piece of drek, use this program to assist you in your privacy:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Quick update

I am pulling together a female version of this file as well. Believe it or not, this is considerably harder - I suppose because I am finding less skilled work and more of it, which is making the better quality, fine art pieces more like a needle in a haystack. There is a lot of cheesecake crap to filter through; fine art and pin-up should not return the same results. Apparently, any greasemonkey in a garage posting a drawing of a scantily clad woman of questionable moral value (I jest) is posting Fine Art. Who knew? Who knew.

The other problem is that I am finding some beautiful work all by one artist. Prud'hon. I already planned on releasing a male version of his work, I now must consider a female version too. I know - you are thinking - but why? It's that ying/yang thing - I am compelled to find balance. And now you know something new about me. I have control issues.

More later.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Still soon.

Upon examining this file again, two images (as the file started out with) seemed incomplete and I did not wish to pull together many different files to give each artist their own single release, so I pulled together images from different artists that were the same in theme but I only had one image from. In some cases I have no idea who the artist is, others, the artists sketches are rare to find.  Bouguereau, Leighton, Cezanne, Streeton, Lopez, and Tweedy - these were the sole images I could find that fit this particular theme. The others in this set are either acedemic life drawings or just uncredited work with the exception of Sargent. He will get his own collected file, but this image of a Satyr with Cymbals was a study of a sculpture and unlike other images I have collected from him.

I did not plan on working on this file this weekend but I was not motivated to match plaids. Go figure. Truth be told I have pinched something in my back/neck/shoulder area. I love the expression "slept wrong" as it certainly evokes an interesting image of a unpracticed slumber, but I fear it was the way I slept that caused this particular pain. This is unrelated to all the other pains that my coworkers are tired of me bitching about familiar with hearing me speak of.

Heading out to do errands. Not even sure if there is any interest in this painting package. There has been expressed interest in the bathtub image below, but I struggle with the idea of releasing a living artists work without their permission. See? Still so chock full of scruples. I might just get to sewing tonight . . . don't hold me to it.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Fine art takes time.

Being a picture framer, the artwork in the Sims 3 game has left my eyes a bit glazed - honestly, who chose this shit crap poorly-conceived shit? It's no wonder that I have been anxious to create pictures for the game. These two are part of the group that gave me so much trouble. I studied the multiplier layer and sought out to create my own custom frame after cloning the painting from the game. Although I am still suspect about how well things turned out (they still seem a tad blurry, which bothers me to no end), they are at least exporting with their frame intact. In case you are wondering, yes, these have been mounted archivally - hinge mounted to a rag mat platform with a sink mat of the same color as the rag backer board. This subtle technique is a play on shadow allowing the art to do it's own work without covering the deckled edge or adding too much distracting detail. This technique also allows the viewer to believe the art to be suspended without aid, thus preserving the illusion of the 'magic' of framing - can you tell I have been framing for 20 years? Jesus. Pourquoi moi? POURQUOI MOI?!

Excuse me - I do tend to get a little emotional about work these days. Did I mention I am on my 20th furlough day this year? Oh, I jest (not really). WTF!? W T F.  Go frame something already.

So I should be posting some art soon for download, but I need to sew this weekend. Yes, I sew - what of it? Oh, sorry - you were expressing interest. I have a little shop over at ETSY. It's a great place to find some really interesting stuff. Selling, on the flipside, is an entirely different story. Think of trying to find a raindrop in the ocean and that's what placing product on Etsy is like . . . unless Danielle likes you wares and promotes them via the daily email. Yes, I said daily. It's really funny how Danielle has so much to say but couldn't let me know that my shop closed after three months. You'd think that would be on the front of their collective brain - let's get us some money - let's remind people that it's time to renew their shop - hell, we're sending them a letter daily anyway - what's ONE more?

I'm not bitter.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Is User Misunderstanding a computer term?

So the TSW mystery was kindly explained by the adept AnoeskaB over at TSR. It appears there is a little (read massive) difference between an import and a clone. [insert japanese girl giggle] Suffice it to say that until I understand exactly how these things work, there is very little point in creating something from scratch - but that said, one persons experience has allowed me to move a bit forward in the creation process. So, although I said thanks probably one too many times:
Thanks AnoeskaB : )

I was a little disappointed that I was mildly scolded for learning from others creations with potential of posting these copies on the web without permission after appropriating someone eles's hard work. I suppose it was fair to call me out given that, what, 74% of the stuff at TSR is ripped off from others? Just an observation. It would only be natural to assume that I would be unscrupulous, like the rest majority so much of the sims community. No, I will not be uploading these personal learning experiences for mass downloading. Shakespearean aside time: I would like to know why TSW does not have the ability to clone store items? I mean - they are official right? Feh! I had to import one of them - it was just too tempting. Let me burn some incense to appease the programming gods. It was, after all, for the visual betterment of my poor sims home.

All this said, there is hope on the horizon for uploading some cloned items and some random hard to discern the original creator canvas' (credit, even in my first revamp, has always been given when the creator is known). Still working out some tiny issues - methinks possible mistakes in some of the original files - some things always look blurry no matter how clean the original image is going onto the mesh so there is some sort of size problem somewhere in the files.

Monday, May 10, 2010

TSW hell

Struggling with this program . . . still. I asked about missing layers on the forum at TSR but the only suggestion was that I save the base project file in case it screws up. Well, duh, yes, I should have been doing that too, but it ignores the question all together. What the hell is happening? I have three painting files (it seems to do this with certain files) and as I learn more about the program and how to tinker with things that tutorials do not tend to cover (say multiple paintings in one file) the multiplier and specular will disappear, or the mask and overlay - seriously, any number of combinations, including all four. I have had the patterns disappear, too. Yesterday the shadow file disappeared in one file causing a huge black square to show up behind the painting. I will open the file, replace the dds file it is missing and close it only to find the save did not take. It seems if I keep the dds file away from my recycle bin (they are damned hard to keep track of - the names are damned near binary) I have a better chance of having the saved file work better? Is it not already saved in the file? Is it referencing the outside dds file?

Worse, there are times I will open the file and it works just fine - all the textures are there. Then I will open it again five minutes later and poof - gone are the files that were just there . . . again.

Don't think for a moment that I have a key in the back of my computer that I need to crank to get it to go. It's a powerful beastie, so this tiny program should be a breeze to run. That said though, launching Sims 3 to get a gander at if this or that worked can be very draining - to me, not the computer. I am also no stranger to the reboot, so if you are thinking that - stop it already - this is not a case of user error (at least not on that level).

Sure, I am willing to admit that I might be doing something wrong, but damned if I will know - there are no tutorials for that.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Recently, I posted some images of a garden project that we started around the house (that is, Chris and I). Sure, it all seems modest, but I have to say this has been some of the most backbreaking work I think I have been a part of in many years. Besides backbreaking, it has also been rewarding. Sure, I may feign that I am at odds with nature, but it does seem rather majestic when it comes to visit. I dare say I blotted a bitter tear when this part of the project came to an end. All the birds and insects seemed especially happy and come to show their appreciation daily. Of course, I say this now while it is still a beautiful spring, but the moment it gets to be hotter than hell (as summers in Atlanta tend to go) I will be cursing nature, majesty, and bees.

First post.

My god, thankfully that is out of the way. I had this nagging feeling that the universe would not be complete until I had a blog. This is just me doing my part to make it spin. It is my hope to showcase things I have been doing - gardening, home repairs, sims 3, animal husbandry of the fabric variety et cetera. Mostly, I had hoped to get a feel for blogging as I am being asked to design a website that requires a blog element.