Friday, May 14, 2010

Fine art takes time.

Being a picture framer, the artwork in the Sims 3 game has left my eyes a bit glazed - honestly, who chose this shit crap poorly-conceived shit? It's no wonder that I have been anxious to create pictures for the game. These two are part of the group that gave me so much trouble. I studied the multiplier layer and sought out to create my own custom frame after cloning the painting from the game. Although I am still suspect about how well things turned out (they still seem a tad blurry, which bothers me to no end), they are at least exporting with their frame intact. In case you are wondering, yes, these have been mounted archivally - hinge mounted to a rag mat platform with a sink mat of the same color as the rag backer board. This subtle technique is a play on shadow allowing the art to do it's own work without covering the deckled edge or adding too much distracting detail. This technique also allows the viewer to believe the art to be suspended without aid, thus preserving the illusion of the 'magic' of framing - can you tell I have been framing for 20 years? Jesus. Pourquoi moi? POURQUOI MOI?!

Excuse me - I do tend to get a little emotional about work these days. Did I mention I am on my 20th furlough day this year? Oh, I jest (not really). WTF!? W T F.  Go frame something already.

So I should be posting some art soon for download, but I need to sew this weekend. Yes, I sew - what of it? Oh, sorry - you were expressing interest. I have a little shop over at ETSY. It's a great place to find some really interesting stuff. Selling, on the flipside, is an entirely different story. Think of trying to find a raindrop in the ocean and that's what placing product on Etsy is like . . . unless Danielle likes you wares and promotes them via the daily email. Yes, I said daily. It's really funny how Danielle has so much to say but couldn't let me know that my shop closed after three months. You'd think that would be on the front of their collective brain - let's get us some money - let's remind people that it's time to renew their shop - hell, we're sending them a letter daily anyway - what's ONE more?

I'm not bitter.


  1. I thought I was one of the few people whose eyes were 'smitted' every time I looked at an EA frame. I just discovered your blog today and [even though it's probably not the correct box to write in] I love your work and have enjoyed reading all your witty reflections on all things creative.

  2. Thank you goya4legs - I hope to maintain both blogs - the other has seen a lot more movement - this one requires a little more cerebral activity which of late I have lacked (read: my job has my soul in a bottle). . . I feel an etsy comeback shortly - certainly something to rattle on about hehe