Saturday, May 22, 2010


Well, it's official. My first Sims 3 object upload. I have already hit my computer with champagne, though, I should probably have considered that a little bit more thoroughly. Now the cat is drunk and I cut myself picking up glass shards.

She might be a little bit country and he might be a little bit rock and roll, but perhaps your sim is a little bit gothic or at least the tiniest bit morose . . . no? Anyway . . . here we have some images via the x-ray. Vintage ephemera from some forgotten book depicting man and nature at its finest. Three different images that take up two tiles (centered) and would look fine in your sims home - gothic, academic, perverted - whatever. Fine art cures all. Archivally framed with rag mats and UV glass. Thank god you can change that frame to whatever material you want . . . oak is a little bit country and you're a little bit . . . um, okay, moving on . . .

Then we have life life drawings . . . most by famous artists doing what they need to do - draw, interpret, capture, and covet. You've heard me talking about it. Your anticipation was palpable. Well, your wait is over . . . nine different images all wrapped up into one file. New frame design by yours truly, carved pixel by pixel.

This is part one in a series of classic artists depicting the human form. This is the male file. I am still collecting images for the female file. I suspect that your sims will be overjoyed to own an original Cezanne or Bouguereau - call it intuition. Each image is floated to show the edges of the paper. Mats match the color of the paper to understate the framing and to focus on the art. Kudos me. I should have been a framer. Oh, I am a framer. Oh god, why did I break that bottle of champagne? I need something to dull the pain of knowing how long I have been framing . . . .

Download the x-ray images HERE.

Download the male life drawings HERE.

No artists were harmed in the creation of these files. All images composed by the now metabolically challenged.  I need to also say that I don't own WinRar - I own 7-zip which can open a rar file but not create them. Where not everyone can open a zip file, I have chosen to not compress these files. Consider getting 7-zip - it's a great program. Oh, and please, leave a comment for me, would'ja?

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