Sunday, May 16, 2010

Still soon.

Upon examining this file again, two images (as the file started out with) seemed incomplete and I did not wish to pull together many different files to give each artist their own single release, so I pulled together images from different artists that were the same in theme but I only had one image from. In some cases I have no idea who the artist is, others, the artists sketches are rare to find.  Bouguereau, Leighton, Cezanne, Streeton, Lopez, and Tweedy - these were the sole images I could find that fit this particular theme. The others in this set are either acedemic life drawings or just uncredited work with the exception of Sargent. He will get his own collected file, but this image of a Satyr with Cymbals was a study of a sculpture and unlike other images I have collected from him.

I did not plan on working on this file this weekend but I was not motivated to match plaids. Go figure. Truth be told I have pinched something in my back/neck/shoulder area. I love the expression "slept wrong" as it certainly evokes an interesting image of a unpracticed slumber, but I fear it was the way I slept that caused this particular pain. This is unrelated to all the other pains that my coworkers are tired of me bitching about familiar with hearing me speak of.

Heading out to do errands. Not even sure if there is any interest in this painting package. There has been expressed interest in the bathtub image below, but I struggle with the idea of releasing a living artists work without their permission. See? Still so chock full of scruples. I might just get to sewing tonight . . . don't hold me to it.

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