Monday, May 24, 2010


What's better than a new area rug? How about seven fabulous area rugs at a mere $52 each? Wow, right? If only you were a sim. Man, that's like a full body rug burn at best.

I wish I could understand this file. I attempted to clone an EA rug and use the stencil feature but it simply would not allow me to do that. Looking over the file - it must have something hidden or turned off as when you simply turn off the pattern, it leaves a big white rectangle with a small stencil sitting atop it.

Me no get.

That being said, I had downloaded (along with the rest of the pilfering community) one of Pilar's fabulous creations at SimControl. I was able to replace her stencils for those of my own and although I am happy with the results, I still wish to know how it was created. I swear there is an extension cord unplugged in my head somewhere.

Anyway - the results are as follows:

I will be working on an oriental rug package as well as a kilim rug package. In my own home I only have kilims. Not only are they beautiful and well crafted, the cat has taken a liking to them too and will only vomit on them. I tell her I own the floors too but she is discriminating. Bastard.

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